He Changed Me

"I'm sorry but he didn't make it, Taylor." Told the doctor.
I felt as if the whole world crashed down when the doctor delievered the heart-breaking news to me. If only we saved him on time!


Taylor Swann's life is perfect. Perfect grades, perfect look, perfect family and friends - this list could go on and on. But one day, out of the blue, her life becomes... Unperfect. When her life comes falling down, a handsome young man changes all that and makes her life perfect again.


(Read the story to find out what happens next.)


3. "You'll Find Out Later."

Chapter 3 is up! Btw, I wanna thank the peeps who read this story - I mean, I published it and then the next day... BA-BAM! I got reads from peeps so quick! Ok now, moving on to the story. Enjoy.


Chapter 3

I came home feeling... Exhausted. All thanks to Jade! She literally dragged me out of each shop because I was that tired! I entered the house slowly and threw my rucksack and my shopping bags in the corner of the hallway. I slid my feet out of my sandals and hollered out, "Katherine, I'm home!"

"Quiet! You'll probably wake Jeremy up!" Katherine peeked out of the kitchen doorway, hushing me. What? I thought Jeremy was at work.

"He's asleep? I thought he was at work." I stated whilst walking to her. 

"Well, he did go to work but he didn't feel well so he came home. I'm making my famous chicken soup for him. Hopefully, he'll feel better after he finishes the soup."

"Awww, I wish I could have that! It's so delicious!" I said hungrily. Me just thinking about it made me drool. In fact, all the food that Katherine prepares makes me and everybody else drool! She's, like, the best cook ever!

"Ha-ha, don't worry, I'm making something else for us. It's your favorite!" She sang. I began to jump up and down whilst clapping my hands together like a four year old.

"What is it? What is it?" I questioned excitedly.

"You'll find out later." Katherine chuckled whilst tapping the tip of her nose. I groaned.

"Way to kill the mood." I growled. She laughed. She placed the bowl of soup and a glass of water on a tray and handed them over to me. I gave her a puzzled look on my face and then soon clicked on.

"Awww, they're for me? Thanks!" I beamed.

"No, they're not for you. I thought I told you before that they were for Jeremy!" She scolded me.

"Oh. Right. You see, I knew that." I told her nervously. I walked out of the kitchen, to the hallway, up the stairs and reached Jeremy's bedroom. I balanced the tray on one hand and used my free hand to knock on his door. No reply. I opened his door slowly and peeked through the gap. I saw him sleeping peacefully on his bed. I walked over to him and placed the tray on his bedside table. I gently shook him by his shoulders.

"Jeremy. It's time for you to wake up." I whispered. He stirred and slowly opened his eyes.

"Taylor? What time is it?" He questioned groggily. I looked at my watch and told him the answer.

"It's seventeen minutes past four."


"What happened to you at work today?" I questioned worryingly.

"That's not a big deal. Plus, I'm feeling a lot better." He lied. I could tell he was lying because of how he looked. He was pale, he had bags under his eyes and his eyes were bloodshot red. Normally, he looked healthy and muscular but now, he looked unhealthy and weak. I groaned.

"Please, don't lie to me. I'm your sister. Well, half-sister." I corrected. Jeremy's been my half-brother for three years. His dad (Robert) passed away of someone murdering him because of his wealth. It turned out that the murderer was Robert's elder brother, Riley. One day, Jeremy's mum (Katherine) met my dad (James) and they fell in love with each other. How romantic! So now, they're married and everything. As soon as my dad told me about Katherine, I was ecstatic and filled with joy. I was really happy for my dad because he moved on and met someone who is perfect for him. My so-called mother was far from perfect. She ran away from us just to be with an ugly man who is a low-life! I mean, how could she resist my dad? He's hard-working, loving, caring, handsome and he's the best father, husband, friend - it could go on and on. Anyway, back to the point, after my dad's wedding, we all moved together in a huge, luxurious house - people mistake it as a mansion because it's, like, so big. I tried to get along with Jeremy but he was being arrogant and moody because he wasn't happy with the fact that his mum was getting married again. But, as the days flew by, one of his friends kept on teasing me and bullying me, but Jeremy sorted him out. Since that day, we started getting along so well. We love each other so much and he is the best brother - half-brother a girl could ever have. I'm very thankful for having him in my life.

"Tay? Are you listening?" He waved his hand in front of my face to get my attention.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, I am listening."

"Oh really? What did I say then?" He did one of his famous smirk that makes all the girls' hearts flutter - including mine! Which was weird.

"Umm, you said... I-uh - oh, I don't know!"

"I didn't say: I-uh - oh, I don't know!" He said. I playfully slapped him on his arm whilst giggling.

"Ouch, that hurt! You monster!" He gasped whilst rubbing his arm.

"Oh, shut up. Now, what did you say before?"

"I said: fine, I'll tell you what happened at work. Well, I was making sure that everyone was safe and no-one was in danger. But then, I saw someone - a young girl who was eleven or older drowning. I ran over to save her but then, next thing you know, I fainted. It felt as if the whole world blacked out. After a few minutes - which felt like forever - I woke up. Someone had spilt a bucket of freezing, cold water on me to get me awake again. It was Chase who did that." (Chase is Jeremy's best friend. The guy who used to bully and tease me.) 

"Oh my god, are you ok?!" I pulled him to me and gave him a big hug. He chuckled.

"Well, I weren't ok then but I'm ok now. Gosh, you're so protective!"

"Well, I do care for you and love you. How would you feel if  I was in your position?"

"I'd be protective too, I guess."

"Anyway, I came here to give you your food. It's chicken soup. I bet it's cold now. Shall I go warm it up in the microwave for you?" I offered.

"Nah, forget it. It's ok."

"Erm, no it's not ok 'cause you can get food poisoned with some cold food! I'm gonna go warm it up for you."

"If you were gonna warm it up, then you didn't have to ask me for an answer." He chuckled. I stuck my tongue out playfully and took the bowl away to warm it up again.

"Wait! Uh, Tay? If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone - not even mum and dad?"

"Yeah..." I answered. He opened his mouth and then quickly closed it.

"Actually, forget it. It's not important. You'll find out later." He told. I gave him a puzzled look wondering what made him want to change his mind and what I will find out later. He gave me a small smile and I smiled back. I'm sure his eyes showed sadness when he smiled.

"And Tay?"


"I love you, little sis." Ok, now I was really unsure of what was going on.

"I love you too, big bro." I answered back to make him think that I didn't think anything unusual was going on. 


End of chapter 3. What do you think is going on with Jeremy? And btw, I'd really appreciate it if you could comment/like/fan. Thanx for reading! Oh, and I made this chapter a little longer - I think. xxx





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