He Changed Me

"I'm sorry but he didn't make it, Taylor." Told the doctor.
I felt as if the whole world crashed down when the doctor delievered the heart-breaking news to me. If only we saved him on time!


Taylor Swann's life is perfect. Perfect grades, perfect look, perfect family and friends - this list could go on and on. But one day, out of the blue, her life becomes... Unperfect. When her life comes falling down, a handsome young man changes all that and makes her life perfect again.


(Read the story to find out what happens next.)


4. The Party

Here is the 4th chapter for He Changed Me. Btw, this story will have a trailer for it soon and I'm so excited for you guys to see it! The trailer is made by PasteIPaintWriter from a writing website called Wattpad and I wanna thank her so much for it! xx


Chapter 4

Me and Jade decided to go to the beach because it was boiling hot and thought this was the perfect weather to get a tan. We're used to this kind of weather because we live on a small island called Lakeview. The population isn't big because people from different countries or continents, etcetera aren't allowed to move here unless they have relatives who live on this island. My family moved here because my uncle is the president of this island.

"Ahhh, such a nice weather." Jade sighed.

"Uh, how can you like a weather like this? It's so hot! I wouldn't mind if it was warm with a little breeze." I argued. She chuckled in response.

"You just gotta get used to it."

"Hey there!" Someone greeted cheerfully. I lifted my sunglasses and glanced up to see who it was.

"Oh, hey Chase!" I chirped. I sat up and patted the ground to signal him to sit down next to me.

"Well, I'm supposed to be keeping an eye out for everyone but a few minutes won't hurt anyone." He explained and sat down.

"So, how's Jer?" He asked.

"He's getting better. I'm just confused, though. I mean, how did he faint? There's nothing wrong with him."

"See, that's the part I'm confused about. He would've told me if there was somethin' wrong with him 'cause we're best friends." He explained. I sighed and began to worry for him more. He was still at home resting in his bed. What if there is something wrong with him?

"Uh, hello? You forgot 'bout me?" Jade questioned loudly.

"How could I ever forget you, Jade? You're hard to forget 'cause you're so annoying!" Chase laughed. I began to laugh with him whilst Jade had a scowl on her face.

"You don't even have the right to be here now get lost!" Jade argued.

"I'm a lifeguard so I do have the right to be here." Chase stuck his tongue out and I began to laugh again.

"Alright, I gotta go now so I'll see you later, Tay." He gave me a quick kiss and got up to go do his job.

"Uh, I hate his guts. How can you go out with him?" Jade gagged.

"He's not so bad once you get to know him. Trust me, I used to hate him as much as you do but I gave him a chance and... You know the rest." I told her. I slid my sunglasses back down and proceeded my task which was to have a tan.

"So, are you going to that party tonight?" I questioned.

"That depends if I can do your makeup for the party." She told. I groaned in reply. She cackled to herself. Oh no, she'll put loads of makeup on me!

*Three hours later*

I was in Jade's house because she was doing my makeup and Jeremy popped up in my mind.

"Hey, I'm gonna send a message to Jeremy."

"Kay, but hurry up. I still need to do your makeup and your hair." She replied. I typed a message to Jeremy and pressed send.

Me: Hey, u feelin' betta? Hope u r. Btw, r u cumin' 2 dat party 2nyt? U no, d 1 dat evry1 is talkin' 'bout?

I waited for a reply from him and whilst I was waiting, my mobile beeped indicating that I got a new message.

Jeremy: Hey, n no, I don't feel any betta. Thanx 4 b'in' concerned, tho. N no, I'm not cumin' 2 dat party. Not in a mood 4 it.

I read the message and became puzzled. Normally, he always was in the mood for parties. I was beginning to feel even more confused. I typed another message and hit the send button.

Me: Wot? U'r always up 4 partyz. I'm b'ginin' to feel worried 4 u. I hav a feelin' dat u'r hidin' summa really big.

Jeremy: It's nowt. I'm just cumin' down wiv a fever or summa. Don't worry, tho. I'll be fyn soon. U go hav fun at d party. =)

I sighed and turned to Jade.

"You done? It's time for me to get ready. It's already eight o'clock." I grunted.

"Yeah, I'm done." She signalled me to sit down whilst she began to put my makeup on and sort my hair out. After an hour and a half, I was ready. I glanced at myself in the mirror and was satisfied with how I looked. My makeup wasn't heavy. It was light and looked natural. I didn't want to look fake. The lip-gloss was peach-colored and the blusher was a light shade of pink. It made my cheeks look naturally rosy. My eyelashes looked long and and the eyeliner made my eyes look big and the color of my eyes stand out. My hair was curled loosely and the parting was moved to the middle of my head.

"Wow, I must say, you did a pretty good job." I admitted.

"A good job? I did a fantastic job!" She yelled.

"Yeah, yeah, whatevs. Anyway, what are you wearing?" She smiled and ran to her walk-in wardrobe. She took time in there so I decided to examine my perfectly-manicured nails. After a few minutes, she came out. I looked her up and down and shuddered.

"What, you don't like it?" She questioned sadly.

"No, no! I do like it. If it was longer and less-revealing." I told her truthfully. How could she wear something like that? It barely even covered her!

"Well, I'm wearing this. Plus, I spent a bomb on this dress and I've already taken the labels off."

"Your hair and makeup looks really nice, though!" I told her. She was an expert at putting makeup on. Sometimes, she can go overboard, though. Like today. But, she still looked very pretty. Her light brown hair was straightened and was full with volume. Her eye-color looked prominent because of the eyeliner. Sometimes, I wish I had her eyecolor because her eyes are light brown mixed with grey whereas mine is dark brown.

"Thanks! You look gorgeous!" She chirped. I smiled in response and got up.

"Wanna see my dress?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I can't wait to see what you're wearing!" She answered excitedly. I got my dress out of a plastic bag and showed it to her. It was a cowl neck dress. The dress featured a delicious food print, a bubble hem and a bejeweled front. I decided to wear the dress with sparkling peep-toe platforms and a simple black and gold bangle.

"Woah, love it! Especially the fruits!" She exclaimed.

"Are you sure?" 

"Of course I'm sure! Does it look like I'm lying?"


"K, now hurry up and put that dress on 'cause we've got a party to go to." She ushered me into her walk-in closet. I quickly put my dress on but carefully too because if I messed my hair up, Jade will go crazy.

*At the party*

"Tay, you're so boring! Live a little!" Jade screamed.

"Calm down!" I was furious at Jade because she promised me she wouldn't get drunk. It's like I'm her mum having to tell her off all the time.

"You're no fun." She growled. She walk unsteadily away from me and then I suddenly lost her. I pushed my way through the crowd panicking. There were loads of weird, drunk strangers in here and she could be with them!

"Where are you, Jade?" I whispered worringly to myself. Suddenly, I was pushed against a wall.

"Hey there, hot stuff." Someone slurred to me. His breath smelt of alcohol and made my eyes water. I realised that it weren't the alcohol that made my eyes water. I was crying.

"Let go of me!" I snarled with my teeth gritted together.

"Now why on earth would I do that?" He cackled.

"Because she said so!" Someone else yelled. The drunk stranger was pulled off of me and was being beaten up. I slumped down to the ground and began to cry even more.

"You mess with her, you have to deal with me!" Said the guy who was beating up the drunk stranger. I heard a bone crack and a loud yell. After a few minutes, someone walked over to me. I began to feel terrified again.

"You ok?" Someone questioned. I looked up to see who it was. It was Tyler! This is the second time he saved me! I nodded my head and wiped the tears away. I probably looked like a mess. He held his hand out and I slowly took it. He pulled me up and I thanked him.

"It's ok."

"Why did you save me?" I questioned.

"You needed help. I'm not just gonna leave you there with that loser. And plus, if I didn't help you, then that would make me the bad guy."

"Well, thanks, anyway." I said a little coldly and walked away from him. I couldn't forget what he had said to me that day in the carpark of the shopping centre. He grabbed my arm gently.

"Wait, I need to apologise to you." He told me.

"For what?" I said pretending to not know what he was talking about.

"You know, when I said... Oh, I can't do this!" He yelled. I flinched a little.

"You can't do what?"

"I can't... Apologise." He answered. I sniggered a little but then stopped as soon as I saw the hurt look on his face.

"You don't need to apologise." I told him. This time, I managed to walk away without him stopping me again.


End of chapter 4. 

Oh, and I know the chapters are kind of boring - even I find them kinda boring myself - but trust me, they get better later on in the chapters! The excitement hasn't even started yet! The first few chapters are just introducing the characters and I only wrote the chapters like the previous ones to get you guys to understand it. I don't want you guys to feel confused. So, if you just continue to read this story, you won't regret it at all. 'Cause if you stopped reading it, then you'll miss loads out. 

I decided that at the end of each chapter, I will be writing a question down - like the one you're about to read now. What is your favorite color? Mine is pink. =)



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