He Changed Me

"I'm sorry but he didn't make it, Taylor." Told the doctor.
I felt as if the whole world crashed down when the doctor delievered the heart-breaking news to me. If only we saved him on time!


Taylor Swann's life is perfect. Perfect grades, perfect look, perfect family and friends - this list could go on and on. But one day, out of the blue, her life becomes... Unperfect. When her life comes falling down, a handsome young man changes all that and makes her life perfect again.


(Read the story to find out what happens next.)


6. Terrible News

Here's chapter 6. About that thing I said on the last chapter about this story not getting that much votes, etc, I wanna thank the peeps who voted/commented/liked this story. :) And before I post the next chapter, I want 1 vote for each chapter, 1 comment and a like for this story. I also want someone fanning me. If I don't get a vote/comment/like/fan, then I'm afraid you'll have to wait an awful long time for the next chapter to be posted. Sorry for being harsh but I want this story to do well. Anyway, moving on to the story. Enjoy.


Chapter 6

"Run, Taylor! Run! Just forget about me. Save yourself!"

"No! No, I won't leave you, Jeremy! I'm not gonna leave you!"

"Just go - NOW!"

I slowly walked backwards and cried uncontrollably. Jeremy was lying on the ground screaming. They were eating his flesh off. I became petrified. I sniffed loudly which caused one of \Them to look at me. It growled hungrily. It reached out its arms for me and stumbled towards me. Suddenly, the whole herd of Them staggered towards me. I whimpered and ran. Ran as far away as I could away from Them. After a few minutes, a row of houses appeared. I entered one of the houses not caring whose house it belonged to. I slammed the door behind me and peeked through the peep-hole. I think I've lost them. I leaned against the door and waited for my breathing to return normal.

"Who's there?"

I looked around to see whose voice it belonged to. I saw a figure on the top of the stairs. I realised that the figure belonged to Tyler.

"Tyler? What are you doing here?"

"May I ask the same to you? By the way, I live here." He walked down the stairs and stood in front of me. I was so happy that I was not the only one who had been eaten.

"Tyler!" I hugged him tightly and instantly felt safe. He slowly wrapped his arms around me. I could stay like this forever. Suddenly, we were interuppted by a loud banging noise coming from the entrance door.

"Woah, what was that?"

"We have to get out of here, Tyler. We need to find a safe place away from Them."

"What's Them?"

"They're zombies. I was being chased after them."

"So you lead them here? Great, we're all gonna die."

"If you're gonna be like that, then we probably will die!" We were interuppted again.

"Hurry! Where's the back door?"

"Follow me." I followed wherever he was going. We finally reached the back door. He twisted the doorknob.

"Dammit! It's locked."

"Oh no, what're we gonna do?!" The entrance door was smacked open and the growling noises became louder as they came closer to us. I held onto Tyler for dear life. He did the same to me. The zombies reached us and we both screamed our heads off.

"Honey, wake up! It's alright. We're here." I heard someone say. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Dad and Kat towering over me.

"You're alive... You're alive!" I sighed with relief.

"Of course we are. Why wouldn't we be?" Dad told.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just a crazy dream." I giggled nervously.

"Where's Jer?" I asked.

"He's still asleep. I'm surprised he didn't wake up by your screaming, ha-ha!" Kat laughed. I joined in with her as did my dad. It was nice to know that no-one was a zombie or eaten by a zombie.

"Will you be able to sleep without having any nightmares?" Dad questioned.

"Um, yea. I'm sure I'll be fine now." I answered positively.

"OK, then. G'night, hon." Dad said as he ruffled my hair. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"Night, dad. And Kat."

"Night, sweetie." Kat smiled. Kat closed the light and shut the door quietly behind her. I pulled my blanket over my body and fell into a deep sleep.


Ring Ring. Ring Ring.

I woke up by an alarming noise coming from my iPhone. I groaned whilst picking it up and I accepted the call.

"Hello?" I groaned tiredly.

"Omg, you were asleep? I take it as you haven't heard the news." Hannah told from the other line.

"What news - oh no! Don't tell me that zombies have actually invaded the world!" I shrieked.

"What? What're you talking 'bout? There are no zombies."


"You need to come down to the hospital quick. Right now."


"Chase was in an accident."


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