He Changed Me

"I'm sorry but he didn't make it, Taylor." Told the doctor.
I felt as if the whole world crashed down when the doctor delievered the heart-breaking news to me. If only we saved him on time!


Taylor Swann's life is perfect. Perfect grades, perfect look, perfect family and friends - this list could go on and on. But one day, out of the blue, her life becomes... Unperfect. When her life comes falling down, a handsome young man changes all that and makes her life perfect again.


(Read the story to find out what happens next.)


2. Meeting Tyler And His Friends

Second chapter of  He Changed Me. Enjoy!


Chapter 2

As soon as we got to Lakeview's Mall, Jade drove her car to a halt, unfastened her seatbelt, opened her door and tumbled on to the ground.

"Ouch!" She yelled furiously. I laughed and got out of her car, closed the passenger door and walked to her.

"I hate you." She grumbled to me.

"Wha-why?" I laughed.

"Because you got saved by a really hot guy and I didn't get saved by anyone! I wouldn't mind if an ugly guy saved me!" She scowled.

"Well, sorry, but I didn't plan that to happen." I raised my hands in defence.

"Well... Aren't you gonna help me up?" She questioned with one eyebrow raised.

"Oh! Sorry!" I apologised again and helped her up.

"You do know that I was kidding around... Right?" She said.

"You were? I had no idea. You sounded so serious. I thought you were mad at me." I told her truthfully.

"Aw, how could I stay mad at you?! And, to be honest, I was a little jealous." She admitted. I frowned but that soon went away when we hugged each other. 

"Let's do some shopping now! I totes cannot wait any longer!" She moaned. I giggled whilst we headed towards the entrance. Whilst we were walking, something caught my eye. It was that guy, the one who saved me. He was with a group - which I'm assuming are his friends. They were all dressed in hoodies and baggy pants with converses. The guy who saved me (I'm gonna have to keep on callin' him that 'cause I don't know his name  - maybe I'll call him Hero. I know, stupid, right?) looked in my direction. I smiled at him and gave him a small wave. He rolled his eyes and turned back to his friends. How rude! OK, I'm so not having this!

"Hey, Jade. Hero's there! Let's go over to them." I demanded hurriedly.

"Erm, Who the heck is Hero? Secondly, why do you wanna go to them - Oh, they're cute!" She squealed.

"Hero is the guy who saved me. I don't know his name so that's why I'm calling him that. And, the reason why I want to go there is 'cause I smiled at Hero and he just rolled his eyes! I even waved at him!" I explained.

"OK, now that is just wrong. Let's head over to 'em." She said. We walked over to them and each step we took towards them, my heart began to beat faster. I looked at Hero and butterflies appeared again in my stomach. Why do butterflies keep on appearing?

"Hi there! I'm Jade and this is Taylor. We call her Tay for short. Right, Tay?" Jade turned to me. I tried to speak but no words came out. I cleared my throat and tried to speak again.

"Yup, that's right. My friends do call me Tay." I smiled. All their eyes bore into mine.

"Ummm, do we know you?" One of the guys rudely said.

"No, but you will know us once we start talking to you!" I told them nervously. What was wrong with me? I can talk to people without getting nervous or anything but now, it's like as if I've got no confidence at all!

"Well, we don't wanna know you or talk to you now scram, Barbie!" He scowled.

"First of all, I'm not Barbie 'cause I don't have blond hair or wear a lotta makeup OR wear revealing clothes!" I yelled. I wasn't used to this behaviour so bear with me. All of the guys sniggered but one person didn't. And that one person was Hero.

"Guys, just leave her alone." Hero spoke up.

"Why? You fancy her or summa?" They all roared with laughter whilst Hero said nothing. I realised he was blushing and it was a deep shade of red. Aww, he looks even more cuter when he is blushing! Woah, did I actually just say that?

"Just go away, Taylor! It was better before you even came!" Hero yelled. I took a step towards him.

"I'm sorry! I came here to apologise about not noticing you in the past and I came here to thank you again for saving me!" I apologised pleadingly. I noticed that his friends were still laughing. It's not that funny, you jokes!

"Me saving you is not a big deal! You probably had loads of guys saving you and everything! I bet you before I even saved you, you still wouldn't know I existed! You only bothered to come and talk to me is probably 'cause you felt sorry for me 'cause I said that I'm used to being unnoticed! I don't want people feeling sorry for me. I have friends who knows that I exist in this world. Now go. You're not wanted here." He explained angrily. I tried so hard not to let those tears escape but they were falling down my cheeks. Those words had really upsetted me. By now, the guys had stopped laughing and they looked angry.

"C'mon, Tyler." Said the first guy who spoke earlier. I realised he was speaking to Hero. Hero's real name is Tyler. They all walked away from me and Jade. When they were gone, I began to cry uncontrollably.

"Aww, sweetie, don't cry!" Jade hushed. She hugged me and patted my head.

"That hurt, you know? I didn't expect that to happen." I sniffed.

"Forget them. They're just a bunch of cute low-lifes - but Tyler's way more cuter." Jade said. I wiped my tears and nodded my head.

"Let's just forget about shopping. Let's head home." Jade suggested.

"No, we're shopping. Plus, I don't wanna spoil it for you. By the way, I really need to purchase some things."

"OK, then! So... What do you need to get?" She chirped.

"I need to buy some bikinis if I wanna get a tan."

"Ha-ha, same here!" She laughed. We both giggled, looped our arm together and entered the shopping centre.


That's the end of the second chapter! Hope you enjoyed it! xxx



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