Love 1D

This is a one direction fanfiction. this is my first fanfiction and i hope you like it! When Elle goes into town in London will she meet her 5 idols and will 2 be fighting over her? find out in "Love 1D"


8. Wake-Up Call

Louis's POV:

Yawn. I just woke up and i decided to wake up all the other boys. First Niall. "Niall wake up" I said. He wouldnt wake up. So i went downstairs and got some cereal and i put it in Niall's face. Now he woke up.And so did Jade. Liam was already awake and came in my room. Zayn was still with Perrie. "Should we pull a prank on someone?" I asked the boys. "Who?" Liam asked me his face expression kind of sad. Whats gotten into him!?. "I think i know." Niall said. "Harry and Elle." Jade asked. "How did you know? are you some sort of mind reader?" I asked jade and we all laughed. Niall put his arm around her. "So i was thinking we could like pour water on them or something?" I said. "Yea! Then we should get alot of pots and pans and start hitting them to make lots of noise." Liam said with a grin on his face. I could tell he wanted revenge on someone. "Then lets take a picture of them." Niall said. "Okay ill get the water bucket, Niall and Jade  you get the camera, and Liam get the pans." I said. And we went off and got them.. When we got everything we met up in the living room. i couldnt wait for the prank to happen! "Lets go in their room then." I said and just then Zayn walked in. "Oh Hey Zayn we are pulling a prank on Harry and Elle do you wanna join?" I asked. "Sure." Zayn said kind of confused. We got into their room and they were cuddling eachother and Harry was snoring. Ofcourse. Liam went close to them and started hitting the pots and pans and singing Gangnam Style. Then i went next to Harry and Elle and poured the water on them. "Quick Niall get the pic!" I shouted. "Done!" Niall said and Jade was laughing. "What the!!?" Harry screamed and got up. We were all laughing now. Then Elle  got up and started to laugh. At least she thought it was funny and wasnt mad. "You think this is funny?" Harry said with a grin on his face. "Um yea kinda." I blurted out and laughed. "Then come here and give me a hug Lou." Harry said and i ran out. nice try. Harry came up behind me and hugged me. "Are you serious!" I said and laughed. "AW the bromance!" Elle said and laughed.

Harry's POV:

We all stopped laughing and me and Elle went back into my room. I didnt see Liam laughing that much though. He went back into his room quietly. "Hey Elle ill be right back." I said. "Great i have to clean all of this up then." Elle said and laughed. " Ill help later just watch TV untill i come back." I said and smiled. "Okay curly." She said and got up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I loved her. Then i got out of the room and knocked on Liam's door. "Who is it." I heard Liam say. "Harry." I said. "Come in then." Liam said. I went in and Liam was sitting on his bed just thinking i guess. I sat down next to him. "Whats up Liam?" I asked him. I looked at him and he looked hurt. "I guess i just saw you sleeping with Elle and i..." He said. "And I what?" I asked him and looked him in the eyes. " I like Elle." He said and looked at the ground. "WHAT!" i yelled.   


"You always take girls away from me. I really like Elle and you wont understand." I said. "I already asked her out. she is mine." Harry said and grinned. "Im tired of you always steeling girls from me.." I said. " I never stole any girls from you, they just like me better." He yelled at me. I cant belive he just said that. "Get out!!!!!!!!!!!! " I Yelled and started to cry.. With that he left and slammed the door. Im so sick and tired of him. He always wins. I suck at everything dont I. I Put my head in my hands and started to cry even more..

Elle's POV:

Harry was taking a long time. I wonder where he was. He finally came in and he looked mad. "Whats up?" I asked him and smiled. " I dont wanna talk about it." He said and groaned. "Okay then grumpy." I said and laughed. " Its not funny, just leave me alone." He said and looked mad. What was wrong with him. " Fine." I yelled at him back and left the room. Then Jade saw me. She was on the couch cuddling with Niall watching a movie. I went over to them and sat down next to Jade. " Whats wrong?" She asked me. " Harry is really mad and i dont know why, he told me to leave him alone and i didnt do anything." I said. "Oh why would he do that?" Jade asked. "I really dont know." I said. "You can watch the movie with us Elle." Niall said. " Thanks." I said and smiled at him. Then he put his arm around Jade. AW they were so cute together. Im happy for jade atleast she has a nice boyfriend. I was mad at Harry. He was acting so mean. And the worst part was i had no idea why. I mean i know he went somewhere but i dont know where. I just watched the movie and just was thinking. Louis was on the computer and Zayn was with him. It looked like they were busy. Niall was with Jade and that only left Liam. Liam! Harry probobly went to talk to him! but why would Harry be mad at Liam? They were like bro's. "Ill be right back." I told Jade and Niall. "Okay." They said probobly not paying attention. I went to find Liam. "Hey Louis where is Liam?" I asked Louis. "Probs in his room." He said looking at me with a smile. Wow he had a nice smile. I went into the hallway and looked for Liam's room. Knock Knock. I knocked on Liam's door. He didnt answer so i just walked in. He was on his bed and he had his head in his hands. He also had lots of tissues around him. What the? "Whats wrong?" I asked him with sadness in my voice. I put my arm around him. He looked up at me. He had red eyes. He put his head on my shoulder and continued crying. I hugged him tightly. "Are you okay?" I asked him and looked him straight in the eyes. "Me and Harry just had a fight.." He said sadly. " No wonder Harry was mad he kind of kicked me out of the room." I said. " Im so sorry." Liam told me. "What was the fight about?" I asked and grabbed his hand. I know i was with Harry i was really mad at him right now. What did he do to Liam? " He always steals things that mean alot to me and he was really mean and yelled at me." Liam said and cried again. "What did he steal?" I asked him and frowned. He pointed at me and cried even more.  He pointed at me? Harry stole me from Liam? Liam liked me? Oh my gosh what did i do! I accepted Harry on being his girlfriend and forgot about Liam? Liam looked at me again. " When i first saw you i wanted you to be mine, but ofcourse Harry has his way with girls and im stupid." He said. Ive never seen Liam like this. I felt so sorry for him. It must be hard for Harry to take every girl even me. I didnt want Harry anymore. For what he did to me and Liam. I thought i could trust him. Huge mistake. "Your not stupid Liam, Your perfect and i dont know why you dont already have a girlfriend." I said and smiled at him. "Thanks." he said and hugged me. I held his hand tighter and kissed his cheek. I smiled at him. He smiled back. I turned on the TV and Liam was still sniffling. He put his arm around me and we watched Tv together for the longest time.  It was now 7. Wow time passed by quickly. "Im tired." Liam said. "Me too and i really dont wanna face Harry right now." I said. "Stay with me." Liam said. " Are you sure?" I asked. "Ofcouse." He said and looked into my eyes. His eyes were really beautiful and clear. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Liam lay down and i layed down next to him. He put his arm around me. Then we fell asleep.



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