Love 1D

This is a one direction fanfiction. this is my first fanfiction and i hope you like it! When Elle goes into town in London will she meet her 5 idols and will 2 be fighting over her? find out in "Love 1D"


3. trouble

* I just wrote a whole great chapter and my computer broke down. r u serious. ill try and remember everything in the chapter... *

I opened the door handel of topshop and i felt a vibration in my purse. It was my phone. I took it out of my bag and checked who it was. It was my boyfriend Jake.. we have been dating for 3 months now. It read: elle i need to tell you something. txt u later. bye.."  Jade was looking over at my phone and said. "I wonder what he wants to tell you." "Im sure it will be fine." i said. Then to take my mind off it i started looking at the clothes. Jade started looking with me. we both looked around and then left. " So where should we go now?" Jade asked. "Lets go in all the shops down this line" I said as i pointed to all the town shops. "Haha okay fine with me" Jade said. we went in alot of shops and we ended up buying hardly anything. I bought leather bag and pink necklace from primark. Jade got a pink purse from primark and a cute jacket from H&M. "Are you ready to eat now?" I said hoping jade would say yes. " Yes since i am very hungry" Jade replied and laughed. We looked at all the food places to eat. " I feel like fast food" jade said. "Me too" I said and we laughed. We ended up picking KFC. We walked past some shops and went into KFC. The line was short thank gosh! "The line being short is just for us" jade said which made me laugh. " I do agree" I said during me laughing.  "So what are you ordering?" i said once i stopped laughing. " Im gonna get a snack box and a pepsi" Jade said and we both looked at eachother remembering one direction's pepsi commercial :) "Im gonna get the same but a sprite" I said. We got to the front of the line and ordered our meals. A girl with a KFC uniform was taking my order. "Hello How may i help you?" she said. " Can i have a snack box with sprite please?" i said. "Ofcourse" she said and she got my food and then said "Your total will be 3pound 5p please" I handed her the money and got my food. Then i just waited for jade to get her food. "Does this place look okay to sit in?" Jade said as she got her food tray from the lady. She pointed at a booth that was clean and looked nice. "Lovely" I said. we both sat down and i was about to dig  in to my food when someone interupted me. "Hello can we sit here?" a brown haired familer looking boy asked. Next to him was a blonde haired boy. "Ofcourse" I said smiling. I then realized who they were. THEY WERE ONE DIRECTION! one direction was asking me if they could sit with us! Calm down Elle calm down! haha. "Are you Liam and Niall?" Jade said smiling at me. "Yes" Niall answered smiling.. " Can i get your names?" Liam asked. "My name is Jade" she said. "Nice to meet you Jade" Liam and Niall said. i was still in shock. "And yours?" Liam asked. "Oh sorry my name is Elle" I said nervously. "Nice to meet you Elle" They said. "So why did you decide to come to KFC?" Jade said staring at Niall. I gave her a look as if to say ooh u like nialler. "Well Niall wanted to eat like always and we figured we should come here since niall wouldnt stop complaining." Liam said happily. we all laughed and dug into our food. Once we were done with our food Jade started to talk to Niall. I joined in also. Liam suddenly went quiet for some reason.i wish i was outgoing like Jade. but she was flirty and i had a boyfriend...

Liam's POV:

I saw Elle talking to Niall and Jade. I just went silent. She was so beautiful. I wanted to talk to her but i just froze. i dont know what to do. I just leaned over the table and was silent. I heard a phone vibrate. Im guessing it was Elle's cause i saw her take a phone out of her bag and then freeze.

Elle's POV:

I took my phone out of my bag. Im guessing its Jake telling me now what he wanted to tell me. I read the text and froze. it read: Hey Elle. sorry but we have to break up. thinks are not working out the way i wanted to, i didnt feel sparks. bye.." I could feel tears welling up inside my eyes. I was feeling a mixture of feelings. I was really mad and sad at the same time.. I couldnt belive Jake. I thought what we had was special. I could feel the tears now working there way down my cheek. I couldnt belive Liam didnt talk to me the whole night. I got up and threw my phone on the floor and stormed out "Ugg" I said as i ran out of KFC not even consulting Jade about it.

Liam's POV:

Elle just stormed out of KFC. Niall and Jade were wondering what happened. I was in shock. I wonder what happened to her. I couldnt text or call her cause i didnt have her number. Plus she threw her phone on the floor...

Jade's POV:

Liam looked really worried. I guess he feels something for Elle. I just wonder what happened to her. Then it hit me. Jake! I wonder what he texted her. I picked her phone off the floor and read it. "Woah, that explains everything" I said with sympathy in my voice. "Can we see it?" Niall said. "Ofcourse Nialler" I said. I showed Niall and  i was gonna show Liam but he had his head in his hands so i just thought to let him be. "I feel for her." Niall said. Then Liam got up and read it also. " W..Where is she now?" Liam said holding back his tears. gosh he must feel alot for her or either he is just to sensitive. "I dont know Liam but she probobly went home with her car so i have no ride.." I said. "We can take you" Niall said. " I was supposed to sleepover at hers also." I said. "Well you can come to our flat instead then" Niall said with a smile. " Are you sure Niall? I dont wanna interupt and disturb you and the others" I said. " Its fine, i want you to meet the rest of the boys too" Niall said. "Okay" I said excited inside. "Lets go then" Liam said very sadly. We got up and walked to Niall's car. "Here you go" Niall said as he opened my door for me to get in the car. "Thanks Nialler" I said smiling. I sat in the front with Niall and Liam just went in the back and lay down. You could tell he was thinking of something.

Niall's POV:

I was worried about Elle but also in love with Jade. She was so outgoing and friendly and it feels like we have known eachother for years. But we just met hours ago. I had to make a move later... I wonder why Liam was so sad.. Maybe he had feelings for Elle or he got a bad text also. He never tells me anything when he is upset..  We got to our flat and i could see the light on in all of the rooms. yes they were still awake so i could introduce Jade to them. I took the keys out of my car and got out. Then i went to the other side and let Jade out. Liam jut got out and slammed the door. "Woah why slam the door Li?" I said.  He just shrugged and went to the door.  "So here is our flat!" I said to Jade. She seemed shocked at how big it was. "Its looks amaZAYN" she said. haha i love her joke. "very funny amaZAYN" I said. I unlocked the door and all  the boys were watching the TV. Harry was in the kitchen cooking something. Yes food i thought.




































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