Love 1D

This is a one direction fanfiction. this is my first fanfiction and i hope you like it! When Elle goes into town in London will she meet her 5 idols and will 2 be fighting over her? find out in "Love 1D"


10. New Girls

Elle's POV:

For the rest of the day i was just in Harry's room cuddling him. I think Harry was sick or something. "Ow" he said and groaned. "Are you alright love?" I asked him and took his hand. I took the remote and turned on the tv. Disney was on. "I just have a stomach ache and a headache." he said. "Do you want me to get you some pain killers?" i asked him. "No its fine love."he said and hugged me.  He was so huggable and cute. I was so happy that i had one direction as my friends and one of them as my boyfriend. :)  "Alright." I said and smiled at him. Then Liam walked in. "Hey do you wanna come to the mall with all of us?" He asked and smiled. Harry looked at me. " I think ill stay." Harry said. "I think ill stay with Harry." I said and smiled. "No its fine love you can go with them. Im just gonna sleep." Harry said. "Are you sure?" I asked him. "Yep you go have fun." He said and smiled. I kissed him on the cheek and went to go get ready. I put on some red skinny jeans and a white t shirt with blue polkadots. And some blue toms. I went into the living room. Louis was eating carrots in the living room. "Can i have one carrot master?" I said and laughed. "Ofcourse carrot princess." He said and laughed. Yay im his carrot princess! :D Then Liam walked in. "Are you ready to go?" He asked everyone. "Yep." We all said. We then got in the car and drove to the mall. In the car i just talked to one of my new best friends Louis haha.  *20 minutes later* We got to the mall and just looked around. "Who wants to eat at nandos??" Niall asked and smiled. "Ofcourse i do." I said and we went and ate at nandos. I also got a takeout for Harry since he was sick. We then went into Topshop.

Zayn's POV:

we went into TopShop since Elle wanted too. Jade and Niall were holding hands ofcourse. I wish i had a girlfriend sometimes. "Im gonna look over here." I said and pointed to the mirror section. I then saw these 2 really pretty girls looking at some jewlery. One of them had short light brown curly hair and green eyes. The other one had carmel brown hair and hazel eyes. They then looked at me. "Are you Zayn from one direction?" The one with Carmel hair asked. "Shh but yes." I said and smiled. They came over to me. "Hi whats your names?" I asked them. "Im Stacey." The one with carmel colored hair said. "And im Suzzane." The one with short hair said. She was really pretty. I loved her green eyes. "Nice to meet you." I Said and smiled. I then walked over to the rest of the boys and introduced them to the girls. "Hi." They both said and smiled. We then all talked to each other. "Where is Harry?" Stacey asked. "Oh he is at home sick." Elle said and smiled. "Would you like to come to our flat for dinner?" I asked them. "Okay thanks Zayn." Stacey said. Suzzane was shy. "Oh ya thanks" She said and smiled. We finished up at the mall and went home.

Elle's POV:

We went back home. I walked in the house and went straight into Harry's room. He was sleeping. AW he looked so cute when he slept. I went up to him and kissed his cheek. He then opened his eyes and smiled. " Oh sorry did i wake you up?" I asked him. " No its fine love." He said and kissed me. "I got you nandos." I said and handed it to him. "Oh yea also we met some girls from the mall and we brought them here. Their names are suzzane and stacey." I said and smiled. "Oh okay" He said. "Do you feel better?" I asked him. "Yes but i still have a little headache." He said. I rubbed his forehead and gave him a massage where the headache was. He smiled.


me and Niall were talking to Suzzanne and Stacey  and we got to know them a lot better. They were really nice.

Zayn's POV:

I was just talking to Suzzanne and she is really nice and pretty. Her eyes are beautiful but i dont know if im ready for a relationship yet.


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