Love 1D

This is a one direction fanfiction. this is my first fanfiction and i hope you like it! When Elle goes into town in London will she meet her 5 idols and will 2 be fighting over her? find out in "Love 1D"


2. Into town

I started the car's engine and drove into town. The radio was playing "this kiss" by Carly Rae jepsen. me and Jade started to sing along and then we stopped and laughed at each other. "Do you think I have the factor Elle?"Jade said. "Haha yes Ofcourse"I said. Then we arrived at the town center my eyes went to the store topshop. "We have to go in there" I said pointing at topshop. I took the keys out of my car and got out of my car. "Yay lets go then" Jade said. We walked down the street and went into the town. It was so nice at night time. All the lights were on strings and they were different colors. It was kind of cold out so I took my black varsity jacket out of my bag and put it on. "Nice jacket Elle! Where did you get it?" Jade said " topshop. Maybe you will see it when we go in" I said. Grabbing the door Handel of topshop and opening the door.
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