Love 1D

This is a one direction fanfiction. this is my first fanfiction and i hope you like it! When Elle goes into town in London will she meet her 5 idols and will 2 be fighting over her? find out in "Love 1D"


7. Harry and Liam

Elle's POV:

Liam took me back to their flat after the walk outside. Liam was really romantic and sweet. " Okay here we are." Liam said as he opened the door for me of the flat. "Thanks Liam." I said and smiled. I walked back in and i saw Harry wasn't there. I would find him later. The rest of the boys were playing video games. "Hi Elle." Jade said. She was watching Niall playing video games. Jade hates video games wow she must really like Niall if she is watching Niall playing. "Hey Jade." I said. Liam smiled at me and then sat down next to Louis. "Hey mate." said Louis to Liam. "Can i join in?" Liam asked Louis. Then Liam joined in. The only people who were not playing games were Me, Jade, and Harry. "Hey jade where is Harry?" I asked Jade as I sat down next to her. "Oh he went to his room and i heard him whispering to himself that he was lonely or something like that" She said to me. "Oh okay thanks" I said and i got up. I walked through the hall looking for Harry's room. A room with a mirror on it nope that cant be it. Nope a carrot room. AH! There it is. One with a heart and a kitty on the door. AW how cute. I knocked on the door. "Who is it" I heard Harry's sad voice say. I wonder what was up with him... "Its Elle" I said. "Leave me alone please" He said and i frowned. I just opened the door. "Hey! i told you to leave me alone" He said . He was on his bed with the TV on and his head in his hands. I sat down next to him. "Whats up with you?" I asked him. He looked up at me with sad eyes. "Nothing" He said and looked down again. "Somethings up and you have to tell me" I said and i grabbed his hand and looked into his eyes and made a sad puppy dog face. " Nothing" He said not willing to tell me anything. "Okay Bye then" I said getting up and out of his room. Ug i wish he would answer me. I know i just met him today but i think i had feelings for him.. But what am i saying Liam is really sweet too. I was just confused.  I sat down next to Liam. "Hey babe" He said and smiled. I smiled a fake smile back. Liam got up and said "Im tired i think im gonna go to bed now." Okay were going too." They all said. "Oh ya where am i supposed to sleep?" I asked Liam since he was the one who invited me to stay. " You can stay with me!" Harry came out and yelled to me. What Why Harry? "Okay." I said and Liam frowned. Liam slept with Louis. Niall slept with Jade. Zayn went over to Perrie's house. And i guess im going with Harry.. Harry walked me to his room. "Why do you want me to stay with you?" I asked with a confused look on my face. " just cause." He said and smiled.  " I dont have any PJ's" I said. "Now you do." Harry said as he threw me a famous Harry Styles white t shirt. "Thanks Curly." I said and smiled. I went into the bathroom and changed into it and just left my pants on. They were leggings anyway. I then went back into his room. He was in his jogging pants and shirtless. Wow he worked out. "Oh sorry." I said then i walked out. Wow wow i kept thinking. Harry pulled me back in. "Its fine this is how i sleep." He said and smiled. "Oh." I said. Harry jumped in his bed and pulled the covers over him. I went over got a pillow and blanket from the cupoard and went to sleep on the floor. Harry saw me and stared at me. "What do you think your doing?" He asked me. "Um what does it look like trying to sleep on the floor curly." I said and smiled. " your a guest come on sleep on my bed and ill sleep on the floor." He said and smiled. "Okay curly thanks." I said and laughed. I sat on his bed and turned the TV on. Harry just stayed there. He watched TV with me. "Its okay dont sleep on the floor." I said. "Okay" Harry said and smiled. We just watched many episodes of animal planet and then i switched the channel. "Extreme home makeover i love this show!" I said and smiled. "Me too." Harry said and he put his arm around me. I put my head in his chest and continued watching.

Harry's POV:

I put my arm around her and she put her head in my chest. She was so perfect. I had to make a move. "I'll be right back." I said and i got up and left the room. i got out a ring from a draw. I went into the bathroom and fixed my hair. I also put a white shirt on and a nice tie. And some nice black pants and dress shoes. I wanted this to be perfect. I also picked up a rose from the vase in the living room. I then walked back in my room. When Elle saw me she smiled. "Hi Elle Would you care to dance?" I asked and put on some nice slow music. Elle got up and started to dance with me. This dance was perfect. She put her head on my shoulder.  We stopped dancing. I got on one knee. "Would you be my girlfriend?" I asked Elle. she looked into my eyes and smiled. "Yes." She said and smiled. I got up and kissed her. The kiss was perfect and felt right. I put the ring on her finger. "Thats your ring to remember im your boyfriend." I said and smiled. She kissed my cheek. She was made for me. I loved her and i wouldnt let anyone hurt her. "Should we go to sleep now?" She asked me and looked at my suit. "Oh yea sure ill just take off my suit" I said smiling at her. I went into the bathroom and took off my suit. I then put on my PJ's. I went back into the room. I put my suit away for other future use and then lay down in my bed. Elle smiled at me. I put my arm around her and then we went to sleep.



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