Love 1D

This is a one direction fanfiction. this is my first fanfiction and i hope you like it! When Elle goes into town in London will she meet her 5 idols and will 2 be fighting over her? find out in "Love 1D"


5. Elle

"Coming!" We heard someone say, probably Elle. Liam looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Elle opened the door and she looked suprised to see Liam. She also looked run down and sad. "Li-Liam what are you doing here?" she said. "Come on in" She said. Liam went in first and then me.  Elle sat down on the couch and patted a spot for Liam to sit down. I just sat down on the big arm chair.

Liam's POV:

I sat down on the couch next to Elle. "Are you Okay?" I said. " Im fine but i thought what we and Jake and me had was special." She said tears welling up in her eyes. She must really miss him like i miss Danielle. " Danielle broke up with me last week." I said. I grabbed Elle's hand. " I'm so sorry" Elle said. "I was really worried about you yesterday" I said. "Thanks for caring" She said. "Do you wanna come back to our flat with Jade?" I asked. "I would love too" Elle said with a smile on her face. I  hugged her and it felt so right.


I couldnt wait to go to One Direction's flat. I really wanted to meet the rest of the boys. When I was daydreaming Liam gave me a hug and i hugged back. I felt like he really cared about me and he was really nice. "Should we go then?" Liam asked me. "Ofcourse" I said."Your gonna love the boys"Jade said. "Niall asked me out today" Jade said. "Lucky duck" Elle said with a frown.

Jade's POV:

I could tell she wanted another boyfriend since Jake dumped her. I think she really liked Liam the way she hugged him and told him everything tonight. We got out of Elle's house and got into the car. I sat in the back and Liam opened the door for Elle like a gentleman and they sat in the front together. I wish Niall was here. I miss him already. The car came to a stop and we arrived at the flat.


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