Love 1D

This is a one direction fanfiction. this is my first fanfiction and i hope you like it! When Elle goes into town in London will she meet her 5 idols and will 2 be fighting over her? find out in "Love 1D"


1. Busy

Elle's POV

"Next stop warner ave." Yelled the bus driver from the front of the bus. I just finsished my last day of school. Im so tired of homework and tests every week. Atleast now its summer. I was just waiting for my stop which is Greenwich Ave. I plugged in my Ipod and started to listen to "Live while we're young" by my favorite band One Direction. I have always liked one direction. i listen to their music everyday.

About Elle: I have brown hair and hazel eyes. i am very shy and i love to sing. not infront of people ofcourse. I have always liked one direction. although i doubt i have any chances of meeting them though. My best friend is called Jade.

About Jade: She has black straight  hair and green eyes. she is very energetic and funny. she loves the outdoors and like me shopping.

Elle's POV (CONT.)

"Next stop Greenwich Ave." yelled the bus driver again. Finally i thought. Time to go home and have fun. Me and my good friend Jade have planned to go to the town in London tonight. There are lots of cute clothing shops and nice fancy resturants. I cant wait to see jade. She rides a different bus than me so im just sitting alone. "Greenwich Ave Arrival" shouted my bus driver. I got up and got out of the bus. I  checked my phone and it was 5 oklock. I also got a text from Jade. It read: "Hey Elle i'll come over at 5:30 k?" I smiled and texted back" KK see u then."I then walked home and came to my chocolate brown house. i opened the door and my parents yelled "Happy Last day of school!"  " Haha thanks guys!" I said. Im alot more outgoing at home and less shy. " Im going to the town with Jade tonight ok?" i said. "Thats fine with us"said my mum. "Thanks" i said and then i ran upstairs to my room. I opened my door and i saw all of my 1D posters on my walls. I then took of my uniform and changed into a cute coral shirt and a black skirt. I also put on bead earrings and my bead necklace. I also put on my Black flats. "knock knock Elle" i heard someone say. "Come in" i said. then Jade walked in my room. " Hey Jade are you ready to go?" i said. "Ofcourse! i cant wait for the fancy resturant" Jade said. We then walked downstairs and went out the door. I unlocked my range rover and went inside. I just turned 18 and got my license. "I love your new car!" said Jade. She was 18 aswell but she didnt get her license yet."Thanks Jade. I love it too." I said.


I hope you guys are enjoying my fanfiction so far. this is my first so please comment advice or if you enjoy it so far. later on i will probobly ask for people's names for 1D's girlfriends. xx -melisastyles1

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