The Secret World Of Felines

The Secret World Of Felines follows the story of Celeste, an ordinary nine year old girl who has had a obsession with cats ever since she was a toddler. Her mother however would never let her have one of her own as a pet. Then one magical and fateful day Celeste befriends a cat called Jasmine who appears in Celeste's back garden. Celeste soon learns that cats can intact talk to humans but simply choose not to. Jasmine tells Celeste of a special secret magical world. A world shielded from the human world. A place where only cats live.
Follow celeste on her journey through the enchanted Catnep City where she discovers that cats lead their own everyday lives in their very own city. During her journey Celeste meets the charming cat Big Ben of the downtown rat boys, a Big ben and his crew protect the magical city from trouble. She also meets Miss Tail Meow a pop superstar cat who has a secret to hide. Will Celeste uncover Miss Tail meows dark secret?


2. Chapter Two

It's five thirty and I'm upstairs in my bedroom looking over the ten new words I have to learn for spelling on Monday. I have found that it is easier to write the word, look it up in the dictionary and then write what it means. It just tends to stick in my mind more. then again looking at my fail this week maybe I should look into a new way of learning. I look over what I've written so far:

Chimney: Sits onto of roofs to allow smoke to leave from a fireplace.
Island: A piece of land surrounded by water or the sea.
Wednesday: Middle of the week.
Enough: A quantity that is large enough for its need
Tomorrow: The day after today
Unusual: Something very different
Knowledge: Important information we learn
Although: used to sometimes make a different point.
Breakfast: Coco pops, the first meal of the day.
Mountain: Avery big steep hill or cliff.

Hmm, I think I will have to look over this some more. I really want to get ten out of ten on Monday. Anyone who gets ten out of ten gets a sticker and I haven't had one yet. Spelling really is so boring to learn. I sit at my desk tapping my pencil.

"Dinners Ready" Calls Mum
Well thats quite enough spelling for one night. I'll have another go on Sunday. I think to myself as I run down the stairs to the dining room. Mums made potato smiley faces, peas and spaghetti hoops for dinner. I sit eating my dinner looking out over the grade. The cat that I saw earlier in the driveway is sitting out on our garden wall with another cat. The other cat is a black and white one. They way they're sitting it looks like they're having a conversation. Wouldn't that be funny if cats actually did sit next to each other with a cup of tea and had a chat. I bet they do. I mean we don't know what they get unto. They could get unto anything really couldn't they? I watch the cats as I'm eating my peas. We seem to be getting a lot more cats in our garden to what we used to get, where are they all coming from? where do they go? what's even stranger is hardly anyone in our street has a cat. Two doors up they have two grey rabbits in a hutch in the garden and the house at the top has a collie dog but no cats. So where are all these cats coming from? Are they all lost? Homeless?
 Last week there was a black cat around for a few days. I saw her for a few days and I haven't seen her since. My mind starts to work overtime. Maybe it's actually the same cat just changing her coat everyday? Maybe cats can do that? What do you think? I mean they could really have a whole wardrobe full of coats. Maybe they get up in the morning and think, hmm today I'll wear the black coat and I'll save the tabby one for tomorrow. Or perhaps those furless cats you see are just cats that have their coats in the washing. See once I start thinking of things my mind goes into its own little world.


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