The Secret World Of Felines

The Secret World Of Felines follows the story of Celeste, an ordinary nine year old girl who has had a obsession with cats ever since she was a toddler. Her mother however would never let her have one of her own as a pet. Then one magical and fateful day Celeste befriends a cat called Jasmine who appears in Celeste's back garden. Celeste soon learns that cats can intact talk to humans but simply choose not to. Jasmine tells Celeste of a special secret magical world. A world shielded from the human world. A place where only cats live.
Follow celeste on her journey through the enchanted Catnep City where she discovers that cats lead their own everyday lives in their very own city. During her journey Celeste meets the charming cat Big Ben of the downtown rat boys, a Big ben and his crew protect the magical city from trouble. She also meets Miss Tail Meow a pop superstar cat who has a secret to hide. Will Celeste uncover Miss Tail meows dark secret?


3. Chapter Three

it's 11 o'clock Saturday morning. I've been up since 7:30am. I got up early made breakfast for me and mum then watched the TV. I've just got dressed and am now bored. It's not raining today so I'm hoping we can go somewhere fun today. It's been such horrible weather this week and for once it's not raining. I'm hoping Mum will take me to the park so I can play on the swings or the slide.
I run down the stairs to find mum
"Mum can we go to the park?" I shout out happily.
"Not today darling, I've got too much cleaning to do, maybe tomorrow if the weathers nice"
Great. I sulk back upstairs. It's a nice sunny day out, and I have nothing to do. I curl up on my window seat and gaze out across the garden. We've got quite a big garden, lot's of grass and a big tall hedge at the back which leads onto, well I don't really know what's over there. As I look down feeling sad I notice the cat from last night is sitting on our garden wall. It's starring right up at me. I want to go stroke it. This time I'm going to stroke that cat. It's almost as if it's sitting there calling me.
I run down the stairs.
"I'm going to play in the garden" I shout out to Mum as I'm heading out the back door.

The cats still there, it sees me, gets up turns around and walks along the wall.
"Wait" I call out, "Stay, I won't hurt you"

The cat stops and sits down. I walk upto it and stroke it. It has the most softest fur I've ever felt. As I stoke her I get this funny sensation like magic in the air. Her the purring is almost musical. As I listen to the purring noise it starts to sound like words. The cat looks at me and purrs, then it turns around and starts flicker it's tail really fast. Suddenly there is a pink cloud of dust coming from the catm it;s almost like pink clouds filled with glittery fairy dust, all I can see is this light pink glistening smoke,  I start to cough, I must be dreaming or this cat has just been in some very strange flowers. This is unreal what is going on here, Surely I'm going to wake up in a minute. Or maybe the cats just farted?
 As the clouds of dust fade away the cat is back to how it was sitting, just that now the purring has got louder.

"What's your name then?" I ask the cat in a soft tone.
The cat looks up at me, it almost looks as though it's smiling.
"My name is Jasmine" a whispery voice says

WAIT!!!!! Wait a minute, am I going mad or did this cat just talk to me????

"my name, it is Jasmine, what is your name?" She says softly.
"My name is Celeste, how come your talking to me?" I ask her
"Why my dear, all cats can talk, we just choose who we talk to. I saw you and you look like the kind of person who can understand us"
I'm shocked, I'm almost convinced i'm dreaming but this cat is talking to me.

"Where do you live? I haven't seen you around here before?" I ask
"I live in Catnep City, in Kittydom, I don't come into your world very often."
"Catnep kittydom? I've never heard of it?"
"oh it is a wonderful magical place where cats live freely, why you must come see it for yourself, follow me I'll take you there" Jasmine says to me
then with a flick of her tail she goes trotting off up the garden towards the hedge.
"Come along if your coming" Jasmine calls out
"Ok wait up I'm coming"

I can't quite believe what I'm hearing here, I just can't believe I'm following Jasmine to God knows where.
I watch her crawl underneath the hedge and disappear I get onto my hands and knees and wriggle underneath the bushes. I never knew how sharp it would be under here. Dead leaves and twigs it's really a lot trickier then you'd imagine. I just caught my plaster on a piece of the hedge, now my knee is sore again. Further ahead I can see Jasmine ahead of me walking easily along this tiny gap under the hedge then she turns and disappears again. As I catch upto her I can see a fence with a small hole in. I'm not sure if I'll be able to squeeze through. I stick my head through but my shoulders are a bit stuck. I wriggle through without hurting myself. I was expecting it to be dark under here but I can still see the sunlight. The hedge seems to be getting thicker now. Whoever would have thought it'd go on this far. It's more like a forest then a hedge. Jasmine is still trotting off way ahead of me.
 Just ahead I can see light, it must be the other side of the hedge. Jasmine disappears and I crawl through the gap where the light is coming from. It's sunlight and I can see the greenest grass I ever saw. As I emerge. I stand up and brush myself down. I look behind me and to my surprise I can't see the hedge, or my house. All I see is trees. I feel like I'm in a whole new world. Where exactly has the hedge just lead me to?

"where am I" I wonder to myself.

I turn around to face Jasmine and look up. The sun is shining and I can hear hustle and bustle everywhere. I take a big gasp, I can't quite believe what I'm actually seeing. It's a town, a very very busy town and it is filled with cats. Hundreds of them all wandering around minding their own business. I spot the few cats I've seen in my garden before. So this is where they come from, they're not lost or homeless at all. They live here in this town full of cats and all this time it's been just beyond our hedge. I always thought there was something not quite right about our garden but I'd never have imagined this. Not even with my overactive imagination. I just cannot believe my eyes. Even the weather is different here, it's October but here it's warm, it feels like summer.
This this just can't be real.
Can it?


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