The Secret World Of Felines

The Secret World Of Felines follows the story of Celeste, an ordinary nine year old girl who has had a obsession with cats ever since she was a toddler. Her mother however would never let her have one of her own as a pet. Then one magical and fateful day Celeste befriends a cat called Jasmine who appears in Celeste's back garden. Celeste soon learns that cats can intact talk to humans but simply choose not to. Jasmine tells Celeste of a special secret magical world. A world shielded from the human world. A place where only cats live.
Follow celeste on her journey through the enchanted Catnep City where she discovers that cats lead their own everyday lives in their very own city. During her journey Celeste meets the charming cat Big Ben of the downtown rat boys, a Big ben and his crew protect the magical city from trouble. She also meets Miss Tail Meow a pop superstar cat who has a secret to hide. Will Celeste uncover Miss Tail meows dark secret?


6. Chapter Six

By the time we set off for the concert it's dark. Jasmine looks brilliant. She's all done up in a glittery silver catsuit with platform silver boots to match. I didn't have anything to wear to Jasmine had a word with her neighbour Mable who came running across with a tonne of different materials and she managed to rustle me up a nice purple dress with a matching cardigan. it's strange to think of how if you give a cat a ball of yarn they get into such a mess but set them the task of sewing and they're like masters. Mable is just a brilliant sewer, she made the whole outfit without even breaking a claw.
 We arrived a bit too early at the Catnep International Arena so Jasmine and I are sitting in what can only be described as a coffee shop. Jasmine is enjoying a Cinnamon Cream and i've got a milkshake. Through the window we can see hundreds of other cats arriving at the arena, all dressed up in their concert outfits. There are sequins everywhere. It's a bit like Christmas. They all look wonderful though, although a few cats have given me a strange look as they walk past. I even heard a cat at the next table snigger
"We don't get many humans around here"
"Oh I say we'd better get a move on" Jasmine says whilst polishing off her cream "we must get a good place"
As we hustle out of the coffee shop we get lost in a crowd of cats all pushing their way into the arena. As we get through the door we have to pass the security checkpoint.
"Open your bags please" Asks a burly dark brown cat. "Do you have any Catnip on you?"
"No we just have our tickets" Jasmine responds with a puuurrrr.
"Right you are, go on through" the Burly cat ushers us in.
We've got a good place, quite near the front, and it isn't long until the lights go out and the arena stage lights up. Miss Tail Meow emerges from a giant swing being lowered from the ceiling. She looks magnificent. She is wearing a long red sequin dress and long white gloves on her paws. She opens with her hit single 'Puuuring for Gold'
After two songs she disappears for a few seconds and comes back on in a different costume. This time its a blue metallic catsuit with a silver helmet. It's for her song 'Outter space cat"
She's got a very good singing voice for a cat, I didn't even know cats could sing. Then again this morning I didn't know cats could talk either.
The crowd around us are going mad. Jasmine is singing along, and the cats around us are all cheering and screaming. It's a brilliant atmosphere. As Miss Tail Meow walks closer to the stage she stares directly at me, then winks.
The concert lasts for almost two hours, which apparently in human time is equal to half an hour. Miss Tail Meow sang all of her hits 'Puurring for gold, outer space cat, kit kat, tails are for flicking, mr meow meow, cat about town, plus a cover of three blind mice. It really was something to see. I've really enjoyed it.

As we leave the arena everyone around is is happy and talking about the show.
"Vixen doesn't live to far from here" Jasmine says "It won't take us long at all"
It isn't long until Jasmine has led me to a small pretty house just outside of the town centre where we was earlier. Jasmine rings the doorbell and Vixen answers
"Ah there you are please do come in" Vixen says in her whispy voice "I've just got the kittens off to sleep so you'll have to be quiet"
Jasmine and Vixen have a quick gossip before Jasmine goes home herself.
"Make yourself comfortable little one" Vixen says popping her head round the door. "I'll fetch you some cookies and milk"
A few minutes later Vixen returns with a plate of cookies and fresh milk.
"I usually only bake catnip cookies but I made these human cookies especially for you"
"Thankyou so much that's really kind of you" I say taking a bite out of one of the cookies.
"So how many kittens do you have?" I ask Vixen.
"Well altogether eight," she replies "Five from my first litter but they've all left home now and these three are my last litter"
"Wow that's a lot of kittens, you must be super mum" I say back to her.
"Well I do try my best but they are such a pawful they really are"
I'm enjoying my cookies and Vixen is sitting with her feet up reading the mewspaper when we hear
"I'm hungry mother feed me"
And through the door I can see a small Black kitten wearing pink pyjamas with mice on peeking through. Well not so small I should say.
"But you've already had your dinner" Says Vixen with a sigh. "Come in and say hello"
The kitten walks in looking very shy.
"hello" she squeaks then runs off.
"That's Hattie, she's always hungry" Vixen says "She will eat everything and never stops"
"Hattie" vixen calls out "Are your brother and sister ok up there?"
"Patches is fast asleep but Smokey is out" Hattie squeaks from the kitchen.
"OUT WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S OUT OUT WHERE" Vixen is saying getting panicked.
" I don't know" Hattie says before disappearing back upstairs with a few kitty biscuits.
Vixen sit's down with a sigh. "That cat is always getting into trouble"
"He sounds like a handful" I say trying to comfort her.
Then there's a knock at the door. Vixen jumps up and hurries off to answer it. Through the curtains I can see blue lights flashing and a small Police car.
"Go on get upto bed right this minute" I hear Vixen saying sternly.
Vixen comes back in and sits down on the sofa. Telling me all about her kitten Smokey. That was the Police bringing him home apparently he was caught in a fight with an alley cat. He's such a small kitten but he's adamant that when he grows up he's going to be a tough alley cat. He forgets he's only one.
"now I don't have a spare bed but we do have a sofa bed I can make up for you" Vixen says whilst tidying up
"That'll be fine"
It doesn't take Vixen long to make up the sofa bed and before I know it I'm snuggled up in the most comfortable guest bed I've ever slept in. Vixen was worried about leaving me down here alone so she's curled up at the bottom.
I can't believe what an eventful day it's been. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.


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