The Secret World Of Felines

The Secret World Of Felines follows the story of Celeste, an ordinary nine year old girl who has had a obsession with cats ever since she was a toddler. Her mother however would never let her have one of her own as a pet. Then one magical and fateful day Celeste befriends a cat called Jasmine who appears in Celeste's back garden. Celeste soon learns that cats can intact talk to humans but simply choose not to. Jasmine tells Celeste of a special secret magical world. A world shielded from the human world. A place where only cats live.
Follow celeste on her journey through the enchanted Catnep City where she discovers that cats lead their own everyday lives in their very own city. During her journey Celeste meets the charming cat Big Ben of the downtown rat boys, a Big ben and his crew protect the magical city from trouble. She also meets Miss Tail Meow a pop superstar cat who has a secret to hide. Will Celeste uncover Miss Tail meows dark secret?


14. Chapter Fourteen

I stay in the bath longer then I usually would do, it was the best bath ever, lot's of bubbles. I help myself to one more cake and sit comfortable on one of the plush sofas. The sun is shining through the windows, I can hear birds singing, and I'm pretty sure I could just hear chickens. It sounds so peaceful here. I get up and look out of the window I'm looking out over the gardens, there is a large pond at the end of the graden lots and lot's of trees, a very large lawn which looks perfectly cut and a small covered patio. The whole garden is filled with colourful shrubs in bloom and lot's of pretty flowers oin pots all around the patio and in the flower beds. I'm disturbed by a knock at the door.
"Come in" I say.
"Good morning Madam, Lilly the maid, how do you do. I'm here to get you ready for breakfast" Says a small ginger tabby in a little maids outfit.
"Hi Lilly lovely to meet you, I'm Celeste"
"Did you enjoy your bath?" Lilly Asks
"Oh yes thank you It was perfect"
"That's good, her majesty is expecting you now"
I quickly get ready and then Lilly leads me down the stairs and along a big corridor before we come to some double doors.
"Here you are, bon appetite" lilly says with a smile
As she opens the doors I'm ushered into a surprisingly small room, it's painted white with lilac floral wallpaper. There is a small dining table with everything you could imagine already served on it.
"Celeste is that you" comes a small voice
"Yes it is"
Then I see the Queens head appear over a chair.
"You'll have to excuse me, I was just having a pre breakfast wash" "Do sit yourself down"
"Thankyou your majesty" I say politely
The Queen laughs "Oh no need to be so formal, please call me Sox."
Sox and I sit down to breakfast. Sox has a bowl of cat biscuits and a saucer of milk and I help myself to some Corn flakes. For a Queen Sox certainly is a noisy eater.
"What have you got?" I ask Sox
"Me? Kitty kibble, it's kitten food really but well it keeps me young" She says in between munches.
As we finish our breakfast Sox pours me some tea.
"So how do you like my kingdom?" she asks me
"It's beautiful, I've never seen such a perfect place"
"Why thank you, we do our best to keep it tidy" Sox says smiling "I asked to see you because I wanted to speak with you before you go"
"go" I repeat surprised
"I'm afraid so" Sox says "you see in your world it's almost lunchtime, we don't want your mother to get worried"
"Lunchtime, but I've been here for three days" I say confused
"Yes three days in cat time but in the human world it's been just a few hours"
I'm so confused, can all this really have happened in just a few short hours? I thought it must at least be the next day back in my world.
"Celeste I need to tell you something" Sox says quietly
"Of course what is it?"
"When you return to your world you cannot mention our world to anyone, nobody. Our little world here is safe and happy because none knows about it, if word gets out we'll have all kinds of people trying to get into our world. I fear they would ruin it" Sox looks sad
"I promise you I won't tell anybody I swear" I express to her.
"I thought I could trust you Celeste a lot of the cats here have spoken very highly of you which is why I have a bigger question to ask"
Oh no I dread what's coming next
"You can ask me anything Sox"
"Ok, well here goes, I appreciate that what I'm about to ask you may come as a shock but well, would you like to return home or would you consider stay here?"
"What, what do you mean?" I ask her sounding more confused.
"The cats here like you, if you'd stay we can turn you into a cat, you'll be a cat forever, and you'd live here with us, all of us and be happy with us" Sox is telling me.
"How would that work?" I ask Sox
"We have ways of using magical powers here, it is why nobody has ever found our secret world, just think if you stay you'd be one of us, a member of our community and to be quite honest with you. I need an heir to the throne I can trust, you see I've never been blessed with kittens of my own to inherit the throne when I well you know so I thought that maybe if you stayed here you could live here in the palace with me"
Oh Dear I don't know what to do. Sox is being extremely generous with what she is offering me.

"I'll leave you to think it over, although I must stress, if you choose to stay you can never return home to the human world" Sox says

With that Sox leaves the room, I'm left with a HUGE decision and probably not much time to make it in. Could I really live here? How would they turn me into a cat? what sort would I be? It is a beautiful place. I'm looking around getting lost in my own thoughts imagining what it'd be like to live here in this beautiful castle and someday be queen of catnip city, when I suddenly think of mum, what would she do without me, would she know where I was. What about my friends? My school. Well ok I wouldn't miss school at all but my mum and friends, then again, this place is perfect. I love it here. Right that's it. I've decided. I know what I have to do and i'm not going to change my mind.
I sit quietly for a few minutes more when Sox walks back in.
"Have you made your decision?" She asks me
"I've thought about it and yes I've made my choice"
"Well?" Sox asks hopefully
"I've got to go home, I can't leave my world. I'd miss my mum and she'd miss me" I say almost crying.
"I thought that would be your choice" Sox looks sad "Here please take this with you"
Sox hands me a small bag, inside it is a small stone.
"What is it?" I ask Sox
"It's a magical crystal" Sox explains "If you ever want to come back carry this in your hand and walk to the end of your garden, the same way you came here, the hedge will open into a gateway and you'll be able to travel back and forth freely, but if you ever tell anyone else about our world, it will never work again"
"Wow,thank you so much" I say "I'll look after it and I will come back to visit soon I promise"
"Please do, also you now have the power to talk to us cats" Sox says. "but unfortunately now it's time for you to leave"
Sox jumps into my arms for a cuddle. Then she jumps down and leads me out of the room, in the courtyard the horse and carriage are waiting for me. Just as I step in Sox says
"Don't forget us"
"I'll never forget" I say tearfully.
As the carriage pulls away all of the cats are waiting outside the castle, lining the street. I see Riley, Ollie, Billy, Charlie, Teddles, the jazz cats, and then I spot Jasmine. The carriage stops and Jasmine jumps in.
"You didn't think you was going home alone did you?" Jasmine says happily
"What what are you doing here?" I ask her
"I'm coming home with you Celeste" Jasmine says smiling. "I'm coming to live with you isn't that great"
"What no what about my mum? she won't let me have a cat" I say worried
"She will now" Jasmine says winking. "We have ways" she says with a giggle
Jasmine jumps onto my lap and curls up. It isn't long until we're back at the hedge. Jasmine and I jump out of the carriage.
"Hold your magic crystal" Jasmine says to me
As I hold the magic crystal in my hand a gateway appears, Jasmine and I walk through it and just like that we're back in my garden. Jasmine is standing next to me. I look behind me and the gateway turns back into the hedge. Everything looks the same as it did before. I look down at Jasmine by my feet and wonder if I only walked to the end of the garden and all of this has been in my head. But then I look at my hand and I'm still holding the magic crystal.

"Celeste, Jasmine, Lunchtime" I hear Mum calling
I look at Jasmine "How does she know your name?" I ask.
"Cat magic" Jasmine replies.

The End


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