The Secret World Of Felines

The Secret World Of Felines follows the story of Celeste, an ordinary nine year old girl who has had a obsession with cats ever since she was a toddler. Her mother however would never let her have one of her own as a pet. Then one magical and fateful day Celeste befriends a cat called Jasmine who appears in Celeste's back garden. Celeste soon learns that cats can intact talk to humans but simply choose not to. Jasmine tells Celeste of a special secret magical world. A world shielded from the human world. A place where only cats live.
Follow celeste on her journey through the enchanted Catnep City where she discovers that cats lead their own everyday lives in their very own city. During her journey Celeste meets the charming cat Big Ben of the downtown rat boys, a Big ben and his crew protect the magical city from trouble. She also meets Miss Tail Meow a pop superstar cat who has a secret to hide. Will Celeste uncover Miss Tail meows dark secret?


4. Chapter Four

This place is just unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen so many cats in my life. I'm walking down an old cobbled street. It looks very old fashioned. Trees are lining the pavements and the whole area looks really clean. I stop to observe a street sign. It says
'Litter Trays to the left, to the right is the town centre and straight ahead for the Palace'
Palace? there's a palace????
"Is there a real palace?" I ask Jasmine.
"oh yes it is where the Queen of kittydom lives." jasmine answers in her low husky voice.
We walk along the road a little further, there are cats sitting on benches reading the newspaper, there are little cafes with mother cats with kittens in prams all gossiping away.
"Have you tried this new flea treatment?" I hear one of the mother cats saying. "It's cleared up Bing bings fleas a treat?"
"really" another mum answers "it sounds amazing, I've been using the collars but Hatty here hates it, it smells awful too"
Another mother cat is discussing last nights television.
"What happened in Coromeowtion street last night? I missed it I was so busy cleaning out the litter tray"

This is like a whole new world, it's like a whole world of cats is existing at the end of my garden.
Jasmine is still walking along next to me, keeping very quiet when she says

"do not worry my dear, here you will be quite safe, just stay away from Mr Tibbs and his gang, but they very rarely come here"
"Mr Tibbs who's Mr Tibbs?" I ask slightly worried.
"Oh he is very very bad cat. The meanest cat in town. See he fell in love with Queen Sox but his love wasn't returned and this made Mr Tibbs very angry, so now he takes it out on the entire town"
"wow he sounds scary I think I'll stay away from him" I think to myself.

"Ello Ladies would you care for a paper?" a screechy little voice calls out to us, it's a young black and white cat wearing a little flat cap and a paper bag.
"Ah Celeste this is Charlie the paper boy, Hello Charlie meet my friend Celeste, she is visiting us from the human world" Jasmine answers
"Very nice to meet you Miss Celeste, please have a paper on the house" and off he goes on his merry way.
He seemed a really cheerful chap. Then again all the cats here seem really polite. I pick up the newspaper Charlie handed to me. It's quite a bit smaller then our newspapers.


HRH Queen Socks Has spoken publicly that she is back on the catnip.
After three long years of battling she admits that she just cannot live without it.
Read more on page 3

- Price of Cat food is on the rise again
- Sooty speaks out about being abandoned as a kitten in the human world
Plus all the daily mews and weather

I turn to the first page and read the first news story  

Maisy and her husband Toby had been enjoying a family night out at the theatre with their three kittens Arthur, Frankie and Benny. They had been to nearby Catden Town to see a production of The Sound Of Meowing. On returning to their terraced house in whiskers avenue they discovered that they had become the latest victims of the Catnep City cat burglar. The light pawed thief had made off with three boxes of cat food, cartons of cream a handful of catnip mice treats, a porcelain cat bowl and a deluxe cat tower. Eye witnesses claim to have seen the wiley feline escape on a litter tray on wheels loaded with his swag.
Little Arthur, Frankie and Benny are missing their deluxe cat tower which toby had only recently made for them.
If you have any information please contact P.C PJ at Catnep City Police Station.


Missing Yellow Labrador Puppy could be hiding in Catnep City
A small yellow labrador puppy gone missing from the human world could have wandered into Catnep city after getting lost on her walk. There is speculation after a rogue half chewed tennis ball was found in the town centre and closely a large filled poobag was discovered next to a bin. Whether the culprit is indeed the missing pup or a mysterious beast something not quite right is going on in Catnep City.

I can't believe they even have news papers here, or as Jasmine explained to me, here news is called mews. I don't even know how long we've been here, it feels like ages, we walk further along the cobbled road. I fold the newspaper up and carry it under my arm.
Jasmine has stopped for a quick wash.
"Please excuse me, my paws and fur just get ever so dirty walking around like this. I simply must have a wash every ten minutes otherwise I become a filthy alley cat" Jasmine explains in-between each lick.
"Don't worry take your time. " I reply.
While Jasmine is washing I sit on a small wall on the edge and carry on reading the 'mewspaper' as they call it here. I can't help glancing at Jasmine. Have you ever just sat and watched a cat wash it really is the funniest sight. She's washing her shoulders, then her belly, then licking each paw twenty times, then pulls the stupidest face as she stretches her head around to wash her back. Then she stops and looks, intent with concentration.
"would you believe I forgot where I was now I'll have to start all over again" she says to herself.

This wash goes on for at least another ten minutes. As I look around I can see there are a few more cats busy washing. There are two tabbys curled up asleep on the wall where I'm sitting. A Small fluffy kitten is playing with a skipping rope. While three boy kittens are playing with a ball.
across the road I can see a very old looking cat walking up. He has a walking stick and a bag of shopping.
"You young'uns watch where you kick that ball" he moans as he walks past the kittens playing.
Jasmine has eventually finished her wash and is strutting her way back over to me,
"There that's better, now are you hungry my dear?" she asks me.
"I am getting a bit hungry as it happens"
"puuuurrrrfect, I know just the place"
Jasmine has that hint of a smile back on her face. I can't help but wonder where she's taking me for lunch.


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