Leaving Had Its Ups and Downs (Sequel to Why Did You Leave?)

The sequel to 'Why Did You Leave?', what really happened that summer? What was Aria hiding? Something changed... something big. But unknown to all, something far, far worse is about to happen to all of them. To someone they love, dearly...


10. The Plan

"Harry, we should date. Make sure we get caught kissing." I announced. Harry's eyes lit up. 

Around lunch time we went out to the shopping centre, hand in hand. We would occasionally sit down on a bench to cuddle and kiss. We had to make sure we get caught. This will crush Niall. The plan was perfect. 

I had to admit Harry was excellent at kissing. Not surprised, he was really good looking. 

Like we both expected, it was on the news. Pictures of me and Harry together. Niall was going to see whether he watched the news or checked Twitter. 

My phone rang and I answered it. "Hello?" 

"Hi. Are you together with Harry now?" Niall demanded. 

"I guess so." I lied to him. It wasn't easy lying. The phone went dead and I assumed he had hung up. 

"He hung up on me." I said with a giggle. 

"Someone is jealous. He shouldn't have cheated on you in the first place." Harry replied. Harry placed his hand on my cheek and leaned in. He pressed his lips on mine. He was kissing me for real? "Aria, I love you." 

"Harry . . ." I mumbled as I pulled away from him. His face sunk. "I love you too." I said with a smile. His face lit up again and he kissed me again. I guess we are together for real now. 


Sorry the chapter is short. I just can't think of a story :( I might have to finish this book :( Unless you guys can help me come up with an epic story line to keep it going XD 

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