Leaving Had Its Ups and Downs (Sequel to Why Did You Leave?)

The sequel to 'Why Did You Leave?', what really happened that summer? What was Aria hiding? Something changed... something big. But unknown to all, something far, far worse is about to happen to all of them. To someone they love, dearly...


6. Party

Aria POV: 

We went to the party, all looking our best. When we got there me and Grace went to the drinks table. I grabbed a bottle of coke, everything was free. I made sure the cap stayed on my coke with my hand over it so no one dropped a pill in there or something. However Grace had not done the same and someone had dropped something into her drink and she was going all crazy. I ran over to her and grabbed her arm. 

"Grace?" I asked, panicking. I steered her to the girls' toilets and dragged her inside, away from the crowds. 

"I don't feel to good." She grumbled. She looked extremely pale and steered her out of the bathrooms to find someone who can help her. I went to the bar and when the woman behind it saw Grace she gasped and immediately ran around and sat Grace down on a stool. 

"I think someone put something in her drink." I mumbled, the woman nodded and pulled her phone out of her pocket and called an ambulance. The woman took Grace outside where we both waited for the ambulance. When it arrived they looked at her and told us she needed to get some rest. I took Grace up to our dorm, I said thanks to the doctors and the woman who helped us. I got Grace into her bed and I climbed into my own, there was no point going back to the party on my own. 

Just as I drifted off into sleep my phone started to vibrate in my pocket, I hadn't bothered to get dressed into my pyjamas. I pulled it out and answered it without looking to see who it was.

"Hello?" I asked in a hush voice, careful not to wake Grace up who was snoring loudly in her bed. 

"Hi." An Irish voice replied, this voice could only belong to Niall. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." He begged. I sighed. 

"It's fine, I don't forgive you though." 

4 years later

I was on the plane flying back to Holmes Chapel. Grace was staying with family in Sydney for a few more weeks then she's coming home, leaving me on the plane alone. I sat listening to music. The four years at university were fun, luckily Grace remembered to never leave the cap off of her coke bottle at a party. She threw up three times the following day. I'm glad university is all done and dusted, now I can find a job and find my own place. I still have to live with Nash, but I really don't mind. I miss Nash, I haven't seen him since Christmas, which was exactly six months ago. 

When the plane arrived at Gatwick airport, I got off the plane and went to meet Nash who was driving me home. I grabbed my suitcase and Nash helped me get it into the boot of the car. According to Nash I have a slight Australian accent, which is cool. It's so nice to be home though, I missed England a lot. I never really spoke to Niall, I haven't forgiven him yet. I spoke to Harry two weeks ago though. 

When I got home I unpacked everything quickly and got changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. 

I woke up past mid-day the following day, Nash had gone to work. What woke me up was the doorbell echoing throughout the house, signalling that someone was at the door. I jumped out of bed and bolted down the stairs to answer it. Standing in front of my house was Harry with his bright green eyes sparkling in the sun. 

"Harry!" I screamed and hugged him. I haven't seen him, or the rest of One Direction, in four years. I was shocked at how happy I was to see him. 

"Ari!" He yelled, hugging me back. He kissed my cheek and I blushed crimson red. 

"How's the boys?" I asked him, he nodded. 

"They're all fine. Niall hasn't gotten over you yet, you have to give him another chance." Harry begged me. I shook my head in protest.

"Nu-uh, no way. I'm not giving him another chance." I replied, Harry frowned but I didn't miss the hint of happiness that hit his eyes. Was Harry happy that I wasn't going to give Niall another chance? I invited Harry inside and we sat on the sofa and caught up with everything. I told him about the new friends I had made at university and he told me what he had done, including all the tours he had been on. 

"Did you know you have a slight Australian accent?" Harry complimented, giving me a wink. 

"I know!" I replied, smiling at him. There was one thing that I couldn't deny, I love Harry. Not as a friend. 

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