Leaving Had Its Ups and Downs (Sequel to Why Did You Leave?)

The sequel to 'Why Did You Leave?', what really happened that summer? What was Aria hiding? Something changed... something big. But unknown to all, something far, far worse is about to happen to all of them. To someone they love, dearly...


7. Home

I looked out of the window, watching the birds fly across the sky. Harry grabbed my face lightly and turned my head so I was facing him. He then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back and before I knew it Harry was on top of me and our tongues were fighting each other. We finally pulled apart after ten minutes. 

"I love you." I whispered, staring into his green eyes. 

"I love you too. But this is wrong, I'm sorry. I can't do this to Niall. Please don't tell anyone this happened, please. I don't Niall upset anymore." Harry replied. Harry loved me. I never thought he would tell me that, I never thought he had feelings for me. 

"I won't, I promise." I promised. Harry kissed my cheek and I got up and ran upstairs to have a shower and get dressed. The doorbell rang while I was having a shower and hopefully Harry answered it. When I ran back downstairs I saw Harry and Niall sitting on the sofa. What was Niall doing here?! 

"Niall?" I asked and he looked at me. He got up and ran over to me, pulling me into a tight hug. Which was super awkward. 

"I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me." Niall apologised. I think four years of suffering is enough, I don't want everyone thinking I'm some sort of bitch. 

"I forgive you." I replied, then Niall did the most unexpected thing. 

He kissed me. 

On the lips. 

I pulled away almost immediately. I love Harry now. 

"Why is everyone kissing me today?!" I blurted out then covered my mouth with my hand. Sugar, sugar, sugar. I watched as my words sank into Niall's head. Tears filling his eyes. I pulled him into a hug quickly. I couldn't stop apologising. 

"Niall, I'm sorry." I didn't know why I was apologising since Harry kissed me, but I did kiss him back so I had every reason to be sorry. 

Niall pulled away and glared at me and Harry. Harry looked at us both in shock. Everything happened so fast. 

"You two . . . kissed?" Niall asked, hurt filling his voice. Tears were pouring out of his eyes and I brushed them away. I still had some feelings for Niall so I couldn't just ignore that he was crying. 

Ugh. Why can't I love one person at a time? It makes everything so damn complicated! 

"Niall, I'm sorry. It just happened." I whispered, looking down at my feet. 

"Niall, I'm sorry." Harry apologised. Niall just turned around and left. I looked at Harry and Harry looked at me. What had we done? I sank to my knees and cried. There was no way me and Niall would be friends again. Harry sat next to me and wrapped his arm around to comfort me. 

"Niall will come around some day, maybe you two should . . .  Y'know, go back out. He still loves you a lot and I can tell you still love him as well." Harry suggested. I looked at him and he gave me a weak smile. 

~ Author's Note 

Hello! Sorry this chapter is short, I promise the next will be longer. Who will Aria chose? Harry or Niall? You decide! Comment who you want Aria to be with in the comments. 

Also I would be grateful if you checked out my new movella 'In Love With a Monster' and please Like + Fave + Comment! Thanks :) 


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