Leaving Had Its Ups and Downs (Sequel to Why Did You Leave?)

The sequel to 'Why Did You Leave?', what really happened that summer? What was Aria hiding? Something changed... something big. But unknown to all, something far, far worse is about to happen to all of them. To someone they love, dearly...


5. A phone call

Author's Note: 

Hey everyone, this is the new owner. I decided to continue this story. If I get anything wrong I'm terribly sorry, please correct me. Feel free to comment any suggestions on what you think should happen next.

~Alice, AKA the new MissTwix owner  

Aria's POV

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I pulled it out, I saw that Niall was trying to call me. 

"Answer it!" Grace begged, tugging on my arm. I rolled my eyes at her and pressed answer. I had to talk to him, right? 

"Hi." I muttered. 

"Hi!" Niall replied, relieved to finally hear my voice. "I'm so sorry." Regretting answering the call, I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket. Grace glared at me. 

"Aria!" She whimpered. I walked away from her and brushed my hair. My phone started to vibrate again and I ignored it, it could only be Niall. Anyway, I don't want to speak to anyone right now. 

"You really should stop ignoring Niall, at least let him apologise. He's sorry, he didn't mean for Cleo to kiss him." Grace explained, begging for me to talk to Niall. Was I the only one who saw that he looked like he enjoyed it? It wasn't what I call quick either. They must've been kissing for a while. 

I don't get why everyone expects me to just talk to Niall again, I can't trust that he and Cleo won't exchange saliva again. I touched up my make-up that had smudge slightly. I got my phone out and saw I had a missed call from Niall, I unlocked my phone and text Nash to tell him I had arrived safely. The last thing I need is Nash worrying about me.  After the text sent I had a new tweet from Niall.

Niallofficial: @AriNel please answer my calls, I need to speak to you x 

I ignored the tweet and locked my phone, returning it to my pocket. Why is Niall so desperate? 

~Sorry the chapter is short, tell me what you think :D 


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