Being a Princess Is Not What It Seems!

I thought that being a Princess would mean posh dresses, fancy shoes and utterly fab accesories. However, her father has other ideas, he wants her to attend royal avents and go to boring boring halls to make speechs about saving the planet and stuff. Not that i'm not eco-friendly or anything but i have better things to do with my time like shop for that fab new handbag i saw in the shop the other day. Hmmmm, so pretty. Ooops sorry got distarcted again...


3. March

14th March, 2:15

Remember how dad said that he would re-arrange the tennis mach. Well i am now sitting in the tennis club changing rooms waiting for Henrietta-horse face to get changed. Even though i didn't really want to come it did give me an excuse to wear my tennis outfit. Black leggings, pink vest and pink tennis things that you put round your head and wrist(don't know what they are called.)

Here she comes, Henrietta-horse face, striding onto the court wearing something green that makes her blend into the tennis court. Sooo not a good look!

Got to go!

14th March, 3:00

Why is she so good at tennis? She must be like a fully qualified tennis player. I have only ever played tennis once, against a wall and guess what i won. But that was against a wall so it probably doesn't even count. Anyway we have just arrived home so i can go and take a shower. Seriously what tennis club doesn't have a shower It's completely ridiculous. My ballet class had a shower and you don't even need a shower when you do ballet because all you do is twirl and jump around gracefully but you most definitely do need a shower when you have play tennis because you are running round like crazy because she is hitting the ball everywhere. I think i'll go and have a shower now.

15th March, 11:30 

Today i have to go to some lunch thing with a load of people that i don't even know! I decided to just put jeans and a polo shirt since dad said it wasn't very important. So i go downstairs and dad is standing there with a disapproved look on his face. "What?" ,I ask him. "Go and change, that is very informal clothing. This is a formal dinner, not some light lunch in a cafe", he said. That is so annoying, i asked him is it formal or not and he said not very. Yet now i ask him and he says it is formal. How very annoying.


We're here. I step out and we are at a very expensive looking hotel. We get in the lift and come to a floor with a huge table. There are little name cards in front of our seats and after a lot of walking around i finally found my seat. I didn't even notice who was sitting next to me until she came in. Henrietta-horse face. She strides in wearing an extremely expensive dress that i saw in an extremely expensive shop. What i said: "Henrietta, how lovely to see you again, how are you?" What i was thinking "HELP ME NOW!"


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