Being a Princess Is Not What It Seems!

I thought that being a Princess would mean posh dresses, fancy shoes and utterly fab accesories. However, her father has other ideas, he wants her to attend royal avents and go to boring boring halls to make speechs about saving the planet and stuff. Not that i'm not eco-friendly or anything but i have better things to do with my time like shop for that fab new handbag i saw in the shop the other day. Hmmmm, so pretty. Ooops sorry got distarcted again...


1. January

3rd January 2012  11:45

It's cold, very cold. But it gives me a chance to wear that fab coat that i bought last year. Hmm, i wonder where that went. I must look for it, maybe it's in my other wardrobe room. I'll look for it later. Anyway, i'm just deciding what to wear for going to the town hall not far from here. I have to go and stand with my dad while he cuts a nice red ribbon. Ooo I think that i might have a top the colour of the ribbon. Yeah and i'll put my black jeans and red flats on. Yeah that's a good idea. Oh be back in a min got to go downstairs, in case you didn't know it's very hard to walk downstairs princess-like whilst writing. Not easy you know.


Phew, that's a long walk. Quite a walk down our stairs you know. Some people might class it as part of their excersise regime. Not me, well not all the time anyway. It's an even longer walk to the gym, by the time you've got there it's practically not worth even going into the gym. So then you have to walk all the way back which is even more excersize so you know you can get fit well by just walking around the house. Very efficient way to get fit you know. You should try it some time. Aaah, quick dad's coming back in a min. Must stand with a straight back, chin up and smile politely. Just how dad likes it.


How very rude? My father has just asked me in a very posh manor "What on earth do you think your wearing, the tops a bit, hmm and them trousers, what are they? Where are them lovely yellow courd ones i brought you back from Sweden? Oh and them shoes very erm, yes. Clara, you do realize it's January and very cold."

Them trousers from Sweden have been banished from my two nice wardrobes into my 'never in a million years going to wear it, but i've still got them for some bizarre reason' wardrobe. And the shoes, well maybe he's got a point but i'm not changing them for them ugly granny loafers that he likes. No, i'll put my red suede boots on. Yes, they'll do. I am not wearing a pair of ugly, mustard coloured trousers with a red top and granny loafers. I do not think so. Very quickly i run upstairs(short pause)sorry about that can't write and run up stairs at the same time. Anyway open a few doors shut them again and pretend i've got changed, i'm really wearing the same thing but dad dosen't notice at all. Right, back in a minute. Just getting into the car. I'm all ready to stand by someone and watch them a cut a ribbon. Hooray! Not.

P.S- we get to go for lunch in a posh restaraunt afterwoods though.

Bye, back soon...

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