Being a Princess Is Not What It Seems!

I thought that being a Princess would mean posh dresses, fancy shoes and utterly fab accesories. However, her father has other ideas, he wants her to attend royal avents and go to boring boring halls to make speechs about saving the planet and stuff. Not that i'm not eco-friendly or anything but i have better things to do with my time like shop for that fab new handbag i saw in the shop the other day. Hmmmm, so pretty. Ooops sorry got distarcted again...


2. February

3rd February, 10:30

OMG! It's been a while. How have you been. Not that you can answer or anything but anyway. I have recently been to a few boring dad-related events and there has been a few wardrobe incidents where my father hasn't exactly approved of what i wear. But anyway, i have to go to a ball and that means a new dress (obviously) and new shoes(duh!) and maybe a new handbag (it's an essential).

So tonight i'm having a sleepover with my best friend Emily. She's like the mayor of somewhere's daughter but that's not the only one thing we have in common, we both love to shop, we both disagree with our fathers and loads of other stuff . Dad likes Emily because her father is his friend or whatever which makes a change because most of my friends or dad's friends daughters or they are my friends who apparently aren't  royal enough. How very rude!

In the morning we are going shopping together to pick out new dresses as Emily's going as-well. I think i better go and tell dad that just in case he has any other plans for me. Unfortunately he did; this is how the conversation went: 

Me: Dad i just thought i'd let you know that i am going shopping tomorrow morning with Emily after our sleepover.

Dad: You can't, I have arranged for you to go and play a game of tennis with Frank's daughter, Henrietta.

Me: No way that sounds so rubbish, i'm going shopping. You'll just have tell Frank and Henrietta that your very sorry and your daughter has other plans.

Dad: I'll just go and rearrange.

3rd February, 10:45

Before i could stop him to say that he shouldn't re-arrange he had gone. This is so not fair.I need to go and get prepared. What? It takes a while.

4th February, 1:15

Wow! That sleepover was AMAZING! Right now, i am waiting for Emily to show me a dress that she is wearing for the ball. I helped her pick it out and everything. I have tried mine on, it's absolutely fabulous. Oooo. Emily's just come out of the dressing room, not sure about that dress, green is really not her colour. 

This could be a long day...


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