Choosing One Direction

Emily, the dancer for One Direction's upcoming tour, has finally made her choice of which guy she wants to be with. As the group starts their tour, all seems well, until scandal arises again. Emily thought the drama was behind her- but what if she was wrong? What if choosing one direction may be harder than she thought?

Sequel to More Than One Direction


16. Summer Love

Ignoring Niall, I follow Louis out of the room.
Harry is there with a shocked expression on his face.
"Where'd he go?" I ask him.
"Let him go, Em, you can't chase him forever."
"But Harry-"
"EM, come on."
"He has to know the truth."
I walk past Harry to go find Louis, who I find outside with Zayn, talking.
"Excuse me Zayn," I say, "Can I talk to Louis alone please?"
"I'm never involved with anything," he says sadly before stomping out his cigarette and returning inside.
"Louis, you have to know the truth."
"What, that you're in love with Niall?"
"Besides that," I find myself saying out loud, immediately regretting it.
"So it is true," he says.
"Why does that matter Lou? You don't care about me anyway."
"I'm the one accused of not caring about you? Take a good hard look in the mirror Emily. You stringed us along for months- and why? Because you don't care enough about us to be honest about what you want!"
"I don't know what I want!"
"I think you know very well what you want."
"I only kissed Niall to save you!"
I sigh, "I had to kiss Niall, for you."
"What in the bloody hell do you mean 'for me'?"
"I- I..."
I can't tell him. I don't want to risk ruining everything. I'm not sure what'll push Martina off the edge.
"I had to kiss Niall, to find out how I feel."
He sighs deeply, then runs his fingers through his hair.
"Well damn Emily, we were still together!"
"I know! I know, I'm sorry. I just knew that things wouldn't end well for us. I was so upset, I knew you'd break up with me."
"I don't know what to say."
"Just be honest with me Louis," I start, "do you think we have a chance?"
He thinks for a second, then turns to me.
"We're not having sex?"
"I can't Louis."
"Can I know why?"
"I want to wait."
"For how long?"
"A while."
"I can't do it. I'm sorry, but I can't."
"That's what I thought," I say, turning away.
"Come on," I say as I open the door, "we have a concert to do."
The concert goes pretty well- I do my dance with the boys and we all perform fairly well.
But the crowd is in demand- they want to hear Niall's song.
The song he wrote about me.
They shout the song's name, The Storm, and I hear the shouts from offstage.
They get louder and louder.
When I approach the side of the stage, i notice the boys looking around in confusion.
I lock eyes with Harry, who shrugs his shoulders at me.
I point to Niall, and mouth 'his song'.
Harry goes over to Niall, talks in his ear, and walks away.
Then the boys all understand, and they take a seat on stage while Niall gets his guitar out.
"Do you all want to hear my song?"
Niall says into a mike.
The crowd screams.
They must've heard about the song from the fans at the other show.
"Okay, okay, but I want you all to take a lesson from this song."
The crowd quiets.
"Sometimes in life, you'll meet the person you're meant to be with, the person you fall madly in love with. And you cannot picture life without them. NEVER let go of that person. Or you'll regret it forever."
He looks offstage and locks eyes with me.
"I do."
My tears flow freely across my cheeks and I know for sure that everything I've done has been a mistake.
I've hurt Liam, sure, but things were never really serious with him.
Average minor heartbreak.
I've hurt Louis too, but it's his own decision to leave me. He'd rather have sex then let it get in the way of someone he cares about.
Average different opinions in a relationship.
But I've hurt Niall beyond compare. I see it in his eyes. I hear his broken heart through the lyrics of his song. He truly loves me.
Not average, total and complete, life-ruining heartbreak.
And that hurts me too.
I'm meant to be with Niall.
I just don't know what to do.
When the song ends, the crowd cheers. The boys finish the concert and we get ready to leave for our next event.
I go to the bathroom, mascara smeared across my face.
I clean myself up, then exit the room.
Liam is there, holding a folded up sheet of paper in his hands.
He hands it to me.
"I wanted to give this too you earlier. I wrote it when you left to chase Louis. It's okay now; I'm over you."
Liam walks away before I can reply.
I pocket the note.
Realizing I should actually go to the bathroom before we leave, I go back inside the room.
Instantly, I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head, then see darkness.
When I awaken, bright lights blind me, and I don't know where I am.
Scared, I pull out and read the note from Liam.
It's a poem.

'I can see your perfect smile when you first say hello
I can see your pretty face whenever I'm alone
I can see your bright eyes and how they shine at night
I can see the way you were smiling when I held you tight
I can see how you laughed when I tried to make you mine
I can see how upset you are when you say you're fine
I can see how much you care for me, though maybe I was wrong
I can see how you light up when you hear your favorite song
I can see how much you liked it when I pulled you in to kiss
I can see it in your eyes that it's me you're gonna miss
I can see the way you dance defines exactly who you are
I can see that maybe one day you'll be a superstar
I can see that we aren't meant to be, but I wish that we were
I can see that if you chose me, it's me that would be hurt
I can see how you fit with him like a hand to a glove
I can see now that all we shared was a kiss and summer love'


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