Choosing One Direction

Emily, the dancer for One Direction's upcoming tour, has finally made her choice of which guy she wants to be with. As the group starts their tour, all seems well, until scandal arises again. Emily thought the drama was behind her- but what if she was wrong? What if choosing one direction may be harder than she thought?

Sequel to More Than One Direction


18. Loved You First

I look around to see where the voice is coming from, to see a shadow emerging from the distance.
I squint my eyes, trying to discover who it is.
"Let her go," Harry says, stepping out in to the dim light, "she's had enough of your games."
"Harry, how nice of you to join us," Martina says.
"How's my Louis?" Eleanor asks.
"Way over you," Harry says, "I don't know why he ever went out with you to begin with."
"Awh, poor jealous Haz."
"You don't get to call me that."
"We're so glad you decided to join us," Martina says, "you can help with our game."
"How about you just let her go?" Harry says, stepping forward.
"We can't do that," Eleanor says, with a sharp motion in her wrist.
A net drops down from the ceiling and lands on Harry's head.
This is all becoming too unreal.
Harry struggles under the net, trying to find a way out.
I'm becoming more frightened, as I start to notice the net is not budging.
Martina and Eleanor whisper to each other, until they both leave the room.
When we hear a door slam, Harry stands up.
"Dumb sluts forgot to tie the weights to it," he says as he pulls the net off.
He walks up to me and starts to loosen the belts tied around me.
"More Than," he says, "I don't know how you get yourself into these messes."
I smile at him.
"Not now; just get me out of here Haz."
He finally finishes letting me loose and pulls me out of the chair.
We search the room frantically for an exit, but can't find one except for a small window a few feet above our heads.
"Haz, what are we gonna do?"
"Here," he says, stooping down and making a step with his hands, "pull yourself up."
"But what about you?"
"Just do it Em, it'll be okay."
I hesitate, then place my foot in Harry's hands as he bounces me up.
I close my eyes and reach up, and when I open them, I am holding onto the windowsill. Harry grabs my waist and pushes up, and I'm able to squeeze through the window.
I step out into a larger room, seemingly empty. But then I look at the floor, which is covered in magazines.
Magazine articles about Louis and me.
Pictures of Louis and me, pictures of Niall and me, pictures of Liam and me.
There are even photos of Harry and myself.
I also see a VHS tape, labeled "Elevator Kiss".
And a few others labeled "Interview".
These girls are crazy.
Remembering Harry, I turn around and look through the window.
He runs towards the window, jumps high, and grabs onto the windowsill, pulling himself up in one swift motion.
When he makes it inside the room and notices the stuff strewn across the floor, he only has one word to say- "Wow."
"Grab everything you can," I say quickly, "this is evidence."
We grab everything we possibly can and shove our clothes full.
When we've gotten everything, we look around for a door, but only manage to find a long hallway.
We run down it, holding desperately onto our acquired loot.
There's a door at the end, and we push heavily upon it simultaneously.
As we fall onto the ground, we see a crowd surrounding us.
Two bodies help us up, though I'm so dazed I don't notice who they are at first.
Then I see- Niall has me in a firm grasp, and Louis has Harry.
I turn to Niall, trying to read his face.
Concern. Worry. Love. Love. Love.
I hug him tightly, bursting out into tears.
He strokes my hair, trying to console me. I continue to cry until police show up.
Harry and I hand them all the stuff we grabbed, but not before showing Louis how crazy obsessed Martina and Eleanor are.
When the police find the girls inside the building, they drag them out towards their police cars.
The girls pass by me with looks of utter disgust, and right before the police put Eleanor into the back of the car, I can hear her yelling.
"I loved you first Louis Tomlinson! I loved you first!"
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