Choosing One Direction

Emily, the dancer for One Direction's upcoming tour, has finally made her choice of which guy she wants to be with. As the group starts their tour, all seems well, until scandal arises again. Emily thought the drama was behind her- but what if she was wrong? What if choosing one direction may be harder than she thought?

Sequel to More Than One Direction


5. Last First Kiss

I turn to Louis, who has a more serious look on his face.
"Sorry man," he replies, "Maybe another time."
"All right okay," the host says, "Well that was Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Emily everybody. We hope you two come back real soon."
I nodded and smiled, "We hope so too."
When we say our goodbyes to the host, Ryan, Louis, and I head downstairs.
"Okay, last rehearsal tomorrow followed by a TV interview. Be at the stage by 8."
I nod my head silently, then walk in the direction of my apartment. I walk pretty slowly, and enjoy the crisp air accompanied by the warmth of the sun. I just want to be home.
After a minute of walking, I feel soft fingers wrap around my arm.
I turn abruptly to see Louis staring back at me.
He gives me a half-hearted smile.
I turn back around and continue my walk. I can't see him anymore.
He walks beside me, all the way to my apartment. He follows me up the stairs, into my apartment.
When he closes the door behind him, I turn to face him.
"What do you want Louis?"
"I just want a chance Em."
"Chance for what?"
"For this," he replies swiftly, before wrapping his unbroken arm around my waist. He pulls me in tightly towards him and plants his lips on mine.
Electricity shoots through my body. My toes curl; my stomach does somersaults. My heart beats rapidly, I can feel each pulse throughout my body. Our lips move in perfect rhythm to each others; I wrap my one arm around his neck and I use my other hand to grab the back of his head. I feel as if my whole body will explode if I let this boy go.
He is the one. This is it. He is the one.
Suddenly, he moves his face away from mine. A huge smile spreads across his face. He felt it too.
"Well," he says simply.
I giggle.
"That was-" I stop short, out of breath.
"Amazing," he finishes, and I close my eyes tight.
"You're the one Louis," I whisper.
"So now you're mine?" he whispers back, and grabs my waist again.
I open my eyes and move closer to him.
"I'm all yours Louis. Only yours."
He kisses me again, and I allow my whole body to give in to my emotions. I am in love with Louis Tomlinson.
I know it now.
I grab him by the hips, our lips still together, and move him closer to my couch. He sits down with one leg on the floor and the other resting on the couch. He leans back into the arm of the couch. I kneel on the couch between his legs and lean forward slowly.
I wrap both my arms around his neck and lean my upper body forward to rest on his. I touch my lips to his softly, and we move our lips in a steady rhythm.
I slowly move my hand underneath his shirt and graze my fingers up his chest. I allow my tongue to enter his mouth, and he does the same. He places his hand on my hip, then softly slips it under my shirt, where he slowly lets his fingers move up and down my body.
My fingers entangle into his hair, and I badly wish his other hand was free to roam around too.
Just then, we hear a loud knock on my door. We pull apart. He looks at me with wild eyes. He wants to keep going as badly as I do.
As I get up, I think about how I've had my first kisses with Liam, Niall, and now Louis.
"You're my last first kiss," I say with a smile, as I open the door to a frowning blonde Irish boy.


Sorry for the short chapter, but I figured since a lot happened, it'll be okay with you guys!
So there ya go, now you know who Emily is going to be with!
The final tallies were:

Niall 85
Liam 13
Louis 106
Harry 20

Thanks to everyone who voted!
But remember, there is still a lot more to come, so keep reading!
Because honestly, choosing one direction may be harder than she thought.

Love you all!
Love, Emily xoxo
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