Choosing One Direction

Emily, the dancer for One Direction's upcoming tour, has finally made her choice of which guy she wants to be with. As the group starts their tour, all seems well, until scandal arises again. Emily thought the drama was behind her- but what if she was wrong? What if choosing one direction may be harder than she thought?

Sequel to More Than One Direction


2. Kiss You

I wake up. I feel like I've just been a part of Inception. Even in my dreams I can't decide between boys.
So everything really did happen.
I made the audition, I loved Niall, Louis liked me and lied to me, his car accident, my two kisses with Liam, my indecisiveness, my kiss with Niall, the naked wrestling, my romantic date, Louis saving me from the pool and almost kissing me. All of it.
It's a few days after the pool party. Demi Lovato kissed Niall, and I stormed off to my house, where I've been crying and sleeping for a few days.
That whole dream within a dream wasn't real. But I still have to choose between three wonderful boys.
I check my phone. It's two days after the party. Just then, my phone starts to ring. It's Harry.
"Hey Harry."
"Hey Em, how's the thinking going?"
"Still going."
"I think they're going to see you."
They can't come see me. My sense of reality is all messed up from this dream. I probably look horrible. And I still need time to myself.
"It's okay Em, deep breaths. All three of them left the house and didn't tell anyone. I wouldn't doubt that at least one is going to see you."
"I can't do this Hazza. I can't. It's just so unfair to all of them."
"Ya know, it just occurred to me that you really are More Than."
"You're not helping Haz!"
"I'm sorry, but seriously More Than, everything will be okay. It'll all work out."
"You're right. Ugh, thanks Harry."
We exchange goodbyes and I hang up the phone. I decide to clean myself up a bit in case one of them really is coming over.
I shower, get dressed in halfway decent clothes, put a touch of mascara on, and brush my teeth.
I feed Lil Payne and play with him for a little bit.
Then I start pacing. Back and forth, back and forth. I'm incredibly nervous. I just wish life wasn't so unclear. Or I at least wish two of them would change their minds and make my decision easier.
There's a knock at the door. My heart starts beating quickly. I really wish they weren't here, whoever it is.
I just want them to leave.
I take a deep breath. I open the door.
It's Niall.
"Hey," I reply quietly.
"Can I come in?"
"Sure," I say as I step aside. He steps inside and sits on the couch as I close the door behind him.
"How are you?" he asks as I sit at the opposite end of the couch.
"I've been better," I reply truthfully.
He nods his head; he looks uncomfortable.
"About Demi-"
I cut him off, "Hazza already told me."
A look of confusion quickly appears on his face.
"Hazza?" he says questioningly.
"Yeah," I reply, "Hazza. Ya know, Harry?"
"I know who he is," he says almost snapping, "I just didn't know you called him that."
"Well he's my friend," I say, "Is that okay?"
"Friend like you and Liam or friend like me and Zayn?"
I scoff.
"Don't be like that Niall."
"I'm sorry. I'm just...worried."
"Worried," I say simply, not asking, just repeating.
"Well yeah."
"I'm sorry Niall."
"I know you are Em, I know."
I move closer to him and rest my head on his shoulder.
We sit there quietly until he breaks the silence.
"Never thought I'd be in love with an American."
I open my mouth to say something, but he continues.
"No offense, I just never pictured myself with an American girl. But you're an Irish beauty."
He wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me closer so I can snuggle my face in his chest.
"You live your whole life thinking- you're never gonna fall in love. No one wants to be with you. You're ugly. You're nothing. And when you become famous, you think, hey, maybe I'm not so bad. The haters- what do the fans call 'em, Directionators, they take ya down hard. And you forget what it feels like, to be loved, to belong, to be someone. When I met you, it was the closest I've ever been to feeling whole. I still feel that way about you. You're just...everything I'd ever hope to have in the world."
I look up into his face. Tears roll down his cheeks. I wipe them off his face gently with my thumb.
"It's okay Niall, please don't cry. But I need to tell you one thing. Don't depend on me for your self worth. You're an amazing person and you need to know that."
He sniffs as a smile spreads across his face.
"Thank you. I love you Emily. I don't expect you to say it back. I just really need you to know that. I love you more than I've ever thought possible to love someone. Can I ask you something Em?"
"Sure Nialler," I say as I sit up and turn my body to face him.
"Would it be all right if I were to," he hesitates, "kiss you?"
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