Choosing One Direction

Emily, the dancer for One Direction's upcoming tour, has finally made her choice of which guy she wants to be with. As the group starts their tour, all seems well, until scandal arises again. Emily thought the drama was behind her- but what if she was wrong? What if choosing one direction may be harder than she thought?

Sequel to More Than One Direction


6. Heart Attack

Niall stands in the doorway, a confused look spreading across his face.
"Hey," he says simply.
"Hey, uhm, Louis is here."
"I see that," he replies as he slowly steps into my apartment.
"Ryan told us to hang out," Louis says quickly.
"Yeah," I agree immediately, grateful for the good excuse.
"Oh," Niall says, "Then I guess you won't have time to talk?"
I shoot a look at Louis. I don't know how to handle this situation.
"How about I go to the coffee shop next door and pick up some coffee for you and me?" Louis says to me.
I nod, trying to hide a smile, "That sounds great."
"Okay, love, I'll be back."
When he closes the door behind him, I turn to Niall.
"So what did you want to talk about?"
"Us of course," he replies.
He cuts me off, "No, please. Hear me out."
I nod my head and sit down. He sits beside me.
"You're not going to choose right now, okay. I get that. You don't want to hurt us. You don't want to make the wrong choice. But Emily, that doesn't mean I'm going to give up. I love you. I've told you and I will keep telling you until the day I die. Nothing you could do will ever change that. I loved you from the first moment I saw you, and I have loved you every day since. I just can't give up on that. And I don't expect you to understand that, but it makes sense to me. When we kissed, I felt alive, for the first time. You bring out the best in me. Even when you kissed Liam, I still loved you. And it hurt so bad, but it didn't change a thing. I love you just as much then as I do  now. But I can't give up on that. I'm going to do everything I can to make you mine. I've never felt this way, and things like this don't come around all the time. I need to hold onto it. I need to love you."
When he finishes his sentence, he takes a deep sigh, closes his eyes, and lays back.
I am stunned, unsure of what to say. I know I had all those feelings about him; but my kiss with Louis felt so right- the real thing.
I need to take this a step at a time.
I'm choosing Louis.
"Okay Niall, I understand. And I don't want to make this hard on you. But you can't make it hard on me either."
"I don't want to Em; I don't. I just want to make you see that you belong with me."
"Okay Niall, okay."
"Okay, I'll leave now, but you just had to know that. We have a few months on tour, that's just enough time."
I nod my head silently, then open the door to escort him out. I can't see him right now. One step at a time I have to take. I've chosen Louis.
Louis shows up a few minutes later, two coffees in hand.
I take one from him and sit on the couch, where he sits beside me.
I rest my head on his shoulder.
"So this is for real?" he asks me.
"Yes, Lou, for real."
"We're gonna be together?"
"Is that what you want?"
"More than anything," he says as he puts his arm around me.
"Then yes," I tell him, "We're together."
He turns to smile at me. I smile back, then give him a deep kiss, which fills my stomach with crazy butterflies. When we separate, his smile drops.
"We have to lie to the boys."
"I know," I agree, "I told them I wasn't choosing."
"Well we're fake dating anyway, so we'll just say that's why we're together."
I nod, realizing how perfect that works out for us. I let a smile find its way to my face again and hold Louis in a tight hug.
"These next few months are gonna be something," I whisper into his hair.


The next few days we rehearse like crazy; Louis and I do a few interviews and spend as much time together as possible, which Ryan likes.
The day of the first concert date, we arrive at the airport early in the morning. The fact that we are performing in a few hours hasn't settled in yet, so my nerves haven't started.
When our plane arrives, Paul and Ryan get us into our first class seats without much chaos from fans. It's a little relieving, after all the fans this week at the interviews.
I sit next to Louis, with Harry and Niall seated across from us.
I take the aisle seat, so Harry and I can talk. He's been my best friend through this whole thing, besides Lou.
Harry and I talk for some of the plane ride, but when I get tired, I sleep on Lou's shoulder.
He wraps his arm around me so I can cuddle into his chest, and I sleep for the rest of the flight.
When we land, I turn my phone on. I have one new message.

Martina: Well, slut, here we are. Your first concert. Hope you don't get cold feet.

As scared as I am, I decide not to show Louis or anyone else the message. This is a big day for us; I don't want to make them nervous.
I decide to delete the message.
When we arrive at the concert hall, the boys do sound check while I stretch.
Backstage before the concert starts, I hang  out with all the boys.
Liam and Niall barely talk to me, but I don't mind because I spend most of the time with Harry and Louis.
The song I dance for, What Makes You Beautiful, isn't their opening song, so while they start I wait backstage.
I explore a little around the backstage area and come across a freezer.
There are weird noises coming from inside of it, so I decide to go inside, as I have a while before I need to be onstage.
When I walk inside, I hear a loud bang from behind me.
I whirl around; the door is shut.
Someone has closed me in here.
I pound the door with my fists, screaming loudly for help.
"Ryan! Paul! ANYBODY!"
My chest becomes frozen, and I breathe heavily.
I feel a jerk, a vibrate- a text message.

Martina: Awh, poor baby, all locked up. Let's see you perform now.

My heart sinks. What have I done so wrong to her? Terrified, I get into a fetal position and rock on the floor.
I lay on the floor and try to control my breathing. My nerves put me to sleep.
I dream that I'm drowning. Sinking deeper under water. Colors and noise surround me, and my hands grasp at something. At the surface are three blurred faces, all staring back at me. My lungs fill with water.

I awake to someone shaking me violently.
"Emily, Em," a man's voice says.
"Lou?" the first word that comes out of my mouth.
"No, it's Paul. Come on sweetie, we have to get you onstage."
Paul picks me up gently and rubs my shoulders to warm me up as he allows me to walk towards the stage.
Before we get to the side of the stage, we're met by Louis, Liam, and Niall.
They look at me, and their faces become fear-stricken.
"Where were you?" Louis says.
"She was locked in the freezer. We have to warm her up."
"Is she okay?"
"Yes, she just can't go onstage like this."
"I'll go get her a blanket."
"No, you need to stall the crowd. I'll take care of her."
"Be sure to," Liam says, then walks back onstage.
"Please," Niall says, then follows him.
Louis kisses me on the forehead, "Thank goodness you're okay, you gave me a heart attack!"
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