Choosing One Direction

Emily, the dancer for One Direction's upcoming tour, has finally made her choice of which guy she wants to be with. As the group starts their tour, all seems well, until scandal arises again. Emily thought the drama was behind her- but what if she was wrong? What if choosing one direction may be harder than she thought?

Sequel to More Than One Direction


4. C'mon, C'mon

The next day I wake up to a phone call. It's Ryan.
"Okay, so the tour starts in a week or so-"
I cut him off in shock, "A week? But I thought we weren't going for another month or so?"
"That was when I needed to teach more numbers. Now there's only one with choreography, so I added some locations. Mostly interviews, a few concerts."
I am not ready for this.
"So here's what's going down. We're going to have rehearsal in two hours. Should be brief, but we need to straighten out this whole mess Martina created, so you're going to have a radio interview afterwards with Louis."
I try to ignore the deep pains in my stomach, "Okay."
"Then I need you guys to spend the rest of the day together. Be as cute and couple-y as possible."
The pains increase, and I grab my stomach, answering again with, "Okay."
I hang up the phone.
There's no way I can tell Ryan about how painful this situation will be. I could lose my job. As badly as I hurt knowing I shut the three people I care most about out of my life, I will be utterly broke without this job. Then I'll have to move back to New York. I can't do that. Which means I have to suffer through this painful experience.
I get ready for rehearsal, picking out  dance clothes, and of course packing some nice clothes to be interviewed in.
All I wanted was a dancing job, not a whole public stunt. But now I have no choice.
I eat some food, but the thought of seeing the boys soon makes me throw it all up. 
I shower, which makes me feel better, and dress. Rehearsal time.
I arrive at the stage before any of the boys, so I stretch a little.
Harry arrives first, which I'm incredibly grateful for. I approach him and he gives me a huge warm hug, which brings me to tears.
"Ha-Harry..." I say through choking sobs.
"Shh, it's okay Em. I know, I know. Shh, it's gonna be okay."
"I ruined everything Harry, everything. But I think I know who I want to be with." It takes a while for me to get out my sentences through my receding tears.
"Oh yeah?" he says while gently wiping my tears off my face with his thumb, "And who might that be?"
I take a deep breath.
"It's-" I start, until I hear voices from behind me. I turn around to see the rest of the boys walking onstage. Ryan follows behind.
"All right, let's get this started. Do you remember the choreography Emily?"
"Yes," I answer softly while I finish wiping away the tears Harry didn't get to.
The boys all look at me, excluding Harry. They can tell I've been crying, judging from the concerned looks on their faces.
"Great. 5-6-7-8," Ryan counts to cue the music, which starts at his command.
I go through the steps easily, but I avoid all eye contact with Liam, Louis, and Niall. I probably look miserable.
When the song ends, Ryan speaks up.
"Emily, you need to show more emotion. Look at these boys, they're singing about you, to you. They think you're beautiful, they all love you!"
"That's the problem," I mutter under my breath, which only Liam hears.
He looks at me with his puppy dog eyes. He looks as if he's about to burst into tears. I can't handle it.
When the music starts again, I make it a point to look at the boys, but really I look through them. I don't want to see their emotions; I don't want to see how they feel. I just need to dance.
When the song ends, Ryan nods his head in satisfaction.
"Okay, great. Louis and Emily, you need to head to the studio. I'll meet you there. The rest of you can leave."
I walk out alone and call a cab. As I'm waiting, I feel a soft touch on my arm. I turn to face Louis.
"How are you?"
"I've been better," I say before turning around.
He stands beside me, "Mind if I ride with you?"
"No," I say simply.
When the cab arrives, we both get in. We ride in silence for the entire trip, and when we reach the radio studio, Louis opens the door for me.
"Thank you," I say softly to him.
"Of course," he replies.
Ryan leads the way up to the studio, where a guy sits with headphones on and a microphone in front of his face. Beside him are two chairs and a microphone between them. This is going to be interesting.
Ryan introduces us to the radio host and we settle in to prepare for the live interview. I'm glad it's over the radio so no one has to see my fearful eyes. 
Before I have time to digest the situation, the host is throwing stuff at us.
"I'm live with boy band One Direction member Louis Tomlinson and his one and only, Emily, here to clear up some rumors buzzing around."
"Hey everybody," Louis says charmingly.
I hear faint screams and turn to see a window protecting us from a large group of teenage girls. They look pretty excited.
Ryan nudges me.
"Oh, hello!" I say.
"All right," the host goes on, "So what do you two have to say about these rumors that Emily and Niall have a thing going on?"
"The rumors are totally untrue," Louis says.
I ignore the crowd, "Absolutely. Niall and I are JUST FRIENDS, nothing more. Yes, we shared a breakfast, but we were all together as a group at the airport, Niall and I were just the only hungry ones."
"Reports from a Heather Rafferty, the one who captured the photos of you and Niall together, say that Louis was not part of this airport group."
Heather, that girl I met at the hospital.
"Yes, that is true," Louis states, "I was not with the group of boys at the airport, because I was preparing for mine and Emily's date later that evening."
This is true, I remember clearly now. Louis went to get a haircut when I went to pick up Zayn's awful girlfriend with the boys.
"Ah, I see. And how was this date?"
"Wonderful," I decide to turn on the charm, "He knows how much I love theatre, so he took me to a show in a park."
"Sounds great," the host replies with a big cheesy smile on his face, "Well I guess there's only one thing I have left to ask."
"Yes?" Louis says with an adorable grin on his face.
"Could you kiss for our little studio audience over there?" he asks, pointing to the window.
Louis doesn't hesitate, and I'm extremely grateful, "No, sorry, we're not really into PDA. We like to make our special moments even more special by keeping them between us."
"Awh no, Louis. C'mon, c'mon, just do it."
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