Choosing One Direction

Emily, the dancer for One Direction's upcoming tour, has finally made her choice of which guy she wants to be with. As the group starts their tour, all seems well, until scandal arises again. Emily thought the drama was behind her- but what if she was wrong? What if choosing one direction may be harder than she thought?

Sequel to More Than One Direction


13. Back For You

Once I come to my realization, I hurry Liam out the door.
I can't go on this way any longer.
I'm leaving.
I collect all of my things and shove them in my suitcase. I zip it shut once everything is stuffed.
I need to leave now.
I open the door a crack and look both ways. Once I see that the coast is clear, I walk briskly to the elevator.
I get down to the bottom floor, go to the front desk, and ask for a cab.
They call one, and I wait impatiently outside.
When it arrives, I hop inside of it and tell the driver to go to the airport.
The drive there, a million thoughts cross my empty mind as I try desperately to hold onto one of them.
Louis doesn't love me.
He wants sex. He's afraid to find out why I'm a virgin, because he's afraid that reason will keep me from having sex with him. He doesn't care enough to find out. He just wants to be friends.
Niall wrote that beautiful song about me. Niall still loves me. Niall would do anything to be with me.
Unlike Louis, who has given up on us.
Liam, I don't feel anything for anymore. He just adds to the flames. He's just making this harder.
I need air.
We finally reach the airport, and I throw a handful of cash at the driver as I run up to the sliding doors.
They open and I just keep running. Running from the truths I don't want to confront.
I don't care about this tour. I'll just start over as an actress. This is too damaging.
I find the coffee shop, buy a drink, and sit down.
When I finish my coffee, I get up and approach the ticket booths.
When I almost reach the back of the line, a man steps in front of me.
Ignoring the body, I try to push past him.
"Excuse me sir," I say, looking past him to see the prices.
He grabs my shoulders and pushes me slowly out of line.
"What the- Harry?"
"Where do you think you're going More Than?"
"Harry, how'd you know I was here?"
"Never mind that, why are you here?"
"I need to leave Haz, and you're not making this any easier."
"You need to talk to me."
"Why?" I cross my arms across my chest.
"You can't just up and leave!"
"Watch me," I say, pushing past him and approaching the ticket clerk.
"What about Louis?"
"He broke up with me, Harry."
"He's still in love with you."
"No, he's not."
"He's been crying all morning. I had to practically strangle it out of him what was wrong. He made a mistake."
"He did. But I'm not going to make them anymore. I need to leave Harry."
"So that's it? After everything you've been through, you're just going to leave?"
"Harry," I say, pulling him to a bench and sitting down beside him, "I kissed Niall."
"This morning."
"After Louis broke up with you?"
I confess to him the whole story, starting from the beginning, about all of Martina's, and possibly Eleanor's, schemes.
"I had to, Harry," I say shamefully, "for Louis."
He takes it all in, nods his head, then speaks.
"Louis will understand all that. But you need to talk to him. This isn't the Emily I know."
"Really, then what is the Emily you know?"
"The Emily I know doesn't back down when things get tough. She's the girl that comes out in her bikini when all the other girls are too shy. She's the girl that gets a drink spilled all over her in a store and still holds her head high. She's the girl who learns the dance routine step by step and doesn't stop until she gets it right, and when it's her turn to get in the spotlight- she takes it. She's the girl that has the guts to tell the three guys she fell for that she can't string them along, even though it hurt her. She's the girl that fights for the guy she cares about. You're not her."
"Harry, I think I may have feelings for Niall still. And I'm scared."
"Well the Emily I know doesn't quit when she's scared- she keeps trying."
He gets up and holds his hand out to me.
"And you'll never know what will be if you run away."
I think for a second, considering Harry's words.
I nod my head, grab his hand, and pull myself up.
"You're right Harry. It's been hard so far, and I've come too far to not see it through."
He continues to talk to me as he leads me out to Paul's parked car.
"Just don't talk to any of the boys for now. Be with me, hang out with me."
We get in the car and drive back to the hotel.
"Louis is going to want to apologize though. Just hear him out."
I listen to all of Harry's words and let them seep in.
I need to lay low, not talk to any of the boys for a while.
When we arrive at the hotel, Ryan is waiting outside with what seems to be a reporter.
When I get out of the car, he pulls me aside to talk privately.
"Where have you been?"
"I was-"
"Never mind. Surprise interview. I need you and Louis together in the lobby in five."
I walk into the lobby, sit down in a chair and wait for the surprise interview to start. I'm confused- why would there be a surprise interview?
Louis arrives just as the film crew sets up with the reporter.
Hotel guests flock around, make up people do my face, and hotel management busy themselves with controlling the crowd.
The reporter gives a short introduction, which I ignore, then turns the mike on Louis and me.
"So, how will this pregnancy affect the outcome of the tour?"
"This WHAT?!" I blurt out.
The reporter brings the mike back to her.
"Reliable sources confirm that you two are pregnant and engaged to be married next fall."
"Well we're not!"
"Louis, is there any truth to these rumors?"
"I can honestly say these rumors are 100% false. There's not even a possibility."
"Are you saying that you two haven't hit the sack yet?"
The reporter is trying to be cute.
I blush instantly, and thankfully, Louis takes the mike again.
"I don't believe that's anyone's business. I think this interview is over."
"Do you have a color scheme for the wedding?"
"There is no wedding."
"Do you know the baby's gender?"
"There is no baby either!"
The reporter turns back to the camera, says some lame salute to her audience, packs up, and leaves.
Relief consumes my entire body.
Ryan rushes over right away, along with Paul.
"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry guys," Paul says.
"She didn't disclose the content of the interview, so there was no way to prepare," Ryan says.
"But she's a big name, Paul says, "So we had to go with it."
Louis and I try to shrug it off as all of us prepare for the next flight.
While we wait for Niall to hit up the free breakfast line again, Louis sits beside me in the lobby.
Harry sits across from me.
"So," Louis says to me, "I see you came back."
"Yeah," I said, "I did."
"Well I'm really glad."
"I still care about you, ya know."
"What made you come back?"
I look into his eyes. They're wide with anticipation and eager hope.
I look over at Harry, who shrugs his shoulders and gives me an unknowing look.
"I don't know, Louis," I say, "But I didn't come back for you."

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