Love at last

Taryn Davis just moved to miami with her brother Jack and her dad Kevin.One day her dad had kicked her out and she finds Niall Horan.Niall sees her and offers for her to live with him in his flat with the rest of the boys.So she agrees to.Will Taryn end up falling for Niall?


4. Nialls Flat

"Wow Taryn you look great!!!"'Thank you Niall,you look great to!!!"Niall was wearing tan pants,white converse,a mickey mouse sweater,a clover scarf,and had his hair in a mini quiff.(well mini compared to zayn).Damn i thought.Who knew someone could be as hott as Niall is."Well Taryn would you like to get going?""Oh yes." I said."Ok then shall we?""We shall."Niall put out his hand for me to grab.Should I grab it? I decided I should.So I grabbed his hand and he let out a smile."Now how bout we start heading out to my flat."Niall said.We started walking to his car...still holding hands.When we got in the car he turned down the radio so we could talk."So Taryn I have been meaning to tell you something...but can we wait till we get to my flat?""Sure Niall."I said with an excited voice.I thought about it the whole car ride.What was he gonna say?The car ride was about 10 minuets long.When wepulled into the driveway of his flat  i had remembered that the other boys are here."Hey Niall the boys are here right ?""yup."Niall had said. We got out of the car and went to the front door he opened the door to let me in first."Hellloooooooo,Stranger."Louis had said.I knew Louis was the funny one so I didnt take seriusly.I was about to be a serious fangirl when something in my head told me not to be."Hi,Louis!"i said."Louis,Liam,Harry,Zayn...this is Taryn.Taryn meet Louis,Harry Liam,and Zayn."Niall had said."Hi guys."I said."SO LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!!!"Louis had screamed."Ok what do you want to do?"Zayn asked."How bout' truth or dare?"Liam had asked""YEAHHH!!!"We all screamed.We gathered around in a circle on the wood went.Niall,Me,Zayn,Harry,then Liam."Ok Niall truth or dare?"Liam asked."Hmmm lets see...OH i got it.I dare you to kiss Taryn for 30 seconds!""Im fine with that."Niall had said."Is that all right with you Taryn?"Niall asked.Niall is such a gentleman."Of couse it is!"I said .Uhh i hope i didnt sound weird.Niall and I leaned in for the kiss.Then we were kissing,and to long later Niall was asking for an entrance,so i let him in.Our tounges wrestled for about 20 seconds.Then Liam hhad said something"Alright guys your time is up."But we didnt stop.Oh how Nialls lips molded perfectly onto mine.Now wehad gone over 20 seconds of our time."Wow,someone get these to a room!!!"Louis had shouted.Luis was so funny.Just then Niall and I both backed away with our cheeks turning as red as a tomato and we were both smiling."Oh god Niall you make me crazy."i meant to say that in my head bbut it came out instead"Same with you Taryn.""Ohh god, now someone PLEASE get them a room."Louis said.WE all started laughing.It was now 6:15.And we only did one truth or dare thingamabob."Ok Zayn truth or dare?"I said."Let me do dare ...wait no truth."Zayn said."Nope its dare you said that first.""UGHHHH.....Zayn said."Ok i dare you to...holdon a second.I leaned over to Nialls ear and whispered"Do you have a pool?""Yes.he said"Ok Zayn I dare you to go skinny dipping.Stupid..I know but thats all I could think of."Are you serious?!?!""Hey you said dare.""Did not i sadi truth!!""Well yes but you said dare first.""Ok lessss gooo."We all got up and stood by the pool edge.Zayn started stripping down and then jumped in."COLDDDD."Zayn sung out.Niall said something after..."How bout' we-"


To be continued...Sorry for the cliffhanger....Plz leave comments on what you think !!!

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