Love at last

Taryn Davis just moved to miami with her brother Jack and her dad Kevin.One day her dad had kicked her out and she finds Niall Horan.Niall sees her and offers for her to live with him in his flat with the rest of the boys.So she agrees to.Will Taryn end up falling for Niall?


6. How bout' we-

Nialls POV

"How bout' we go up to my room so we can talk.Theres something very important i need to talk to you about."Ok,but i dont wanna talk."she said."Why not?Is there somethhing wrong?"Yes,there is something wrong." "Whats the matter Taryn?" "I dont wanna talk...i wanna do more!" I smiled like there was no tomorrow."Taryn I have felt the same way since I met you....Your beautiful,funny,you understand EVERYTHING,you are the best thing that could possibly EVER happen to me." "I love you Niall." "I love you to."I picked Taryn up bridal style and ran to my room.I dropped her on the bed."What did you need to talk about now?" Taryn asked with a smirk on her face."Well, Will you uhhhh..uhhhhh....Ok  Taryn will you be my girlfriend?" "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Of course Niall,oh god i love you so much!!"

Taryns POV

OH MY GOD,Niall Horan from onedirection just asked me out!!!!! Or should i say the love of my life?!?!?! "So what do you want to do now?Cuddle or maybe we could even.....

Harrys POV

I hate seeing couples.It just reminds me of the one thing i want...but dont have!Maybe Taryn will no someone for me.I mean she did say she has the perfect girl for me.Her name was Kaylee?No,Kylee?No,OH YES I REMEMBER HER NAME WAS Kenzie!

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