Love at last

Taryn Davis just moved to miami with her brother Jack and her dad Kevin.One day her dad had kicked her out and she finds Niall Horan.Niall sees her and offers for her to live with him in his flat with the rest of the boys.So she agrees to.Will Taryn end up falling for Niall?


3. Getting ready to see Niall

*Taryns POV*


When the day ended i drove home replaying what had happened earlier today."What a nice day i thought."As i went to turn on the radio my phone started ringing."Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip you hair gets me overwelmed but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you dont know oh oh you dont no your beautiful oh oh thats what makes you beautiful."My ringtone rang.As I went to pick it up I saw who was calling... it was Niall or should I say"Sexyy N" I picked it up."Hello?"I said."Hey Taryn.Uhh what time do you wanna come over today?""Uhhh its up to you.""How bout I pick you up at 5:30.""Ok,see you then."i said"bye babe.""byeeeee."I said dragging on the e.when i put down the phone.I thought about what he had just said."Bye babe." Had he meant what he said?Whas I his babe?Did he take it to far since we just meant?I thought about it all through the car ride home.When i pulled into my dirveway i clicked the button to open the garage.When I pulled into the garage,my phone beeped.I had gotten a text message from Niall."cant wait to see you tonight." I decided to write back.I grabbed my phone and wrote"I cant wait either."i then clicked send.I opened the car door and went into the door from the garage and went right into my room to get ready for tonight.I decided to take a shower i went into the bathroom stripped down and the stopped where i stood.My scar.I can see it on my thigh.I'll cover it up when i get dressed.I went to go turn the shower on and stepped into the shower with hot water running down my head, to shoulders, to back, to bum, then farther and farther down.As i got farther into my shower i got more eager to get out so i can see Niall.Just then i got out and looked at my phone to see the time."5:00 Already!!!!" I said out loud.I grabbed a towel and RAN into my room i put the towel in my hair,Leaving my body completly naked.I put on my pink victoria secret underwear,Lacy white bra,with leggings,And a grey sweater.I put it all on then took the towel out of my hair,and brushed then leaving it to dry to my dark brown wavy hair.I took out my beige flats with a bow on them and put them on.I grabbed my phone to see what time it is. "5:27"Niall should be here any minute."ding dong.".My doorbell rang.I grabbed my phone and SPRINTED downstairs.My dad was at work so he couldnt tell me not to do this,same with Jack.When I got to the bottom of the stairs i went to the door and opened it.I saw Niall standing there with his beutiful eyes staring right at me.



A/N   ****

I hope you guys like it so far plz comment and tell me what you think!!!   and sorry i didnt have Nialls pov i wiill next chapter


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