Love at last

Taryn Davis just moved to miami with her brother Jack and her dad Kevin.One day her dad had kicked her out and she finds Niall Horan.Niall sees her and offers for her to live with him in his flat with the rest of the boys.So she agrees to.Will Taryn end up falling for Niall?


2. Class Time

* Taryn's POV*

On my schedule it says  I have math with Mrs.Lavoke.As i walked out of the office I saw Niall staring at me.To break it I decided to say something."Niall, since we have all the same classes would you mind walking me to math class?" "Why dont I walk you to all of them?"I blushed.Alot."You look cute when you blush." "Thank you, I guess." "hahaha" "So I think we should be headed to class now"Niall said."aha yes that would be a good idea." "yes it would." Niall said. As we walked up the stairs to go to math class Niall asked me something I would have never thought he would ask me."Hey,Taryn instead of lunch would you maybe like to come to my flat.I share it with the other boys so maybe you can meet them." "  I'd love to, but let me ask my dad. I'll ask him now.I took out my phone and dialed his number."Hello."my dad said."uhh hi dad a friend just asked me if I could go over would that be alright?" "Sure honey im glad you made friends already!" Thank you,I love you, bye" "Bye sweety." As I hung up I heard Niall say something under his breath so I let it go."Niall my dad said yes." "Great!" "We are here...Mrs.Lavoke's math class." He opened the door and let me in..just like a gentlemen.As soon as we walked in Mrs.Lavoke said something "Your late."


*Niall's POV*

I opened the door for Taryn.As soon as i did Mrs.Lavoke said something. "Your late." Just as Taryn was about to say something I interupted her so she wouldn't be punished."Mrs.Lavoke this is Taryn she is new here.I forgot to get my note signed so I went to the office and I saw Taryn. But she was late. So she asked me if I could walk her to class, so I did not wanting her to be more late." "Alright, you two sit down." As I walked over to my desk to sit down Taryn asked a question. "Umm.. where do I sit?" I knew I had an emty seat next to me so I crossed my fingers that Mrs.Lavoke would say sit next to Niall."You can sit next to nevermind don't, you can sit next to Niall." Mrs.Lavoke said. Yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! I screamed in my head. "Alright."said Taryn. As soon as Taryn sat next to  me I blushed...ALOT."Your cute when you blush to."Taryn whispered."Thank you."I whispered/shouted.


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