Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do

"You hurt me"

"You hurt me more"

"But I still can't help but love you"


1. Maybe Fate?


Closing the door, my fingers ran down the piercing cold metal doorframe. I could see the foggy silhouette of Christian gracefully waving his hand, as he stood putting all his weight on to one leg. Leaning, he looked like such a drama queen when he done this, with his blonde hair streaking in the dim sunlight. This was Christian all over though. Growing further away from the detached house, my thoughts strayed towards my memories of the day.


 When Christian had tripped in mud, complaining about his new top being dirty. He was such a girl, this was mainly the reason I got on with him the best out of everyone. He was a sibling to me, my best friend. Not to say every one else was not, I felt ridiculously close to all them, but Christian I was closest. He is like my brother, the one who made a beaming smile across my face, the one who believed in me and guided me through all of my blunders, slips and dilemmas.


He has the best sense in clothing, being able to make even the ugliest person look charmingly pretty. Just having a skill, none of the other boys have or can get. Christian can strut across a room, with his lanky body not caring what other people think about him or his personality.


My thoughts began to distract me from where I was walking. A trail of my foot prints were left behind me, curving from where I had trudged through a puddle and walked off course. I lifted my head from the chewing gum filled pavement where I was glaring, to realize a dense cloud of smoke pooling towards the sky. Running towards the large cloud of smoke to see where it was coming from, I saw a large flickering flame burning my eyes.


Turning my body upwards, I froze. I was unable to see what the building was. After a long time of squinting, with my eyes squirming in my head I finally realized what the fire ball was. A school, ashes were flying upwards to the sky. I could see plastic slowly melting, running slowly inside as the books created fluttering pieces of daemon confetti. I could not pull myself from the sight, for that second I didn't think about myself or my friends but if there was anyone inside, the poor souls.


As little a time I was there staring,  an obnoxiously loud sound became more closer. Sounding like screams and terrified voices, 12 bulky men sat with piercing eyes looking at me. I moved to one side, as they clambered out of the red fire truck.

"urm miss, miss, are you there? We need to get you off the premises."
I quickly snapped out of my nightmare of a daydream, leaving as quickly as the coward I am.


My legs sprawled all over the place, I could not control my body. My breathing quickening, I sounded like a dog panting for air. I wanted to get home for the 6 o clock news to make sure this was reality, I had to tell Christian and the others about this. The whole area around me seemed empty, like there was just me and the world on our own. Paths got longer, everywhere got more deserted, I could only concentrate on wanting to get back but for some reason it was taking forever. Ambling up the gravel to my front door, I raked around my bag scrapping my hand on my zip I grabbed the key and shoved it in the door, unlocking it. I flicked my shoes off and charged into the living room, to find my dad sitting with a newspaper and the tv remote. My dad looked up with vicious eyes, like I had disturbed him from his precious reading, I clasped the remote from his palms and switched on the news. Luckily, it was just starting, having to wait for the abnormally drawn-out pause before the woman came on.

“Hello! you are watching the news at six with me Chloe Whitefeild.” she was a tall bimbo like woman who stared at the screen, “Now, time for the headlines; a man has died today after a gun shooting in London, chairman mp is considering resigning and why this man grows carrots!” It wasn’t there so I thought best to keep watching, “Firstly though breaking news from the Northern region has came in, a school named Sunburn hill has had a fire and people are currently working hard to put it out. A large loss for the community. They are investigating what started the fire...” Remarkably my dad lifted his eyes up from the inky newspaper, looking at me with a weird disturbance. “Thats the school up the road isn’t it?”, “You past there on the way home, didn't you?”, “Has this got anything to do with you Nicole?”, so many questions which I couldn't be bothered to answer. So instead I moped into my room and switched on my laptop.


Now you probably have a few questions, yes I am called Nicole I hate the name but I guess everyone hates their name. And no I don’t go to Sunburn Hill, it is the school down the road. That place is Hell on Earth, that place deserved to burn down. I go to Rosethorn High School and there is serious competition between the schools. I am 16 and proudly single, but I do have some amazing friends. I have 5 friends who I am so close to I call them my brothers  and they call me theirs too.


After the endless wait for my run down laptop to start up, I gawked at the scrolling page of Facebook as the whole thing started to reveal. The hatred for the school, the way people acted in such a miserable way. I didn't have anything against the school but a lot of people did. I mean they were a bunch of thugs in that place, in al honesty. My phone started to vibrate, getting louder and louder, it was Ethan. I rubbed my finger against the green button and placed the bitterly cold mobile against my ear,


“Fuck! Nicole, did you hear the news, my dream came true!”

“Don’t be so harsh Ethan I no you didn't like any of that bunch, but people may have died in there,” Ethan was so forward, probably because he was a boxer so just went straight in for everything but he was my bad boy and would do anything. If I had a problem, he would sort them out.

“What do you think will happen now then?” I quizzed him with interrogation

“I don’t know they will probably build another school and work in sheds or something” A rather confused Ethan replied he wasn't always the brightest start in the sky.

“I gotta go babe, my mum is calling”

“Go running to mammy you pansy” and with that I put the phone down. Taking a glimpse at my mobile it was going mad with texts, so many I could not reply to all of them. I just decided to switch my phone off and have an early night, I could gossip tomorrow.

As I began to change into my school clothes, I had totally forgot about that fire. Doing up my last shirt button, I grabbed my faux leather handball and swirled around my room closing my door as I left. I didn’t care much for breakfast, I never did, I mean it isn’t even the most important meal of the day. With force, the door closed behind me and I was thankful for that I lived next to the school. The wind grabbed my blazer catching it in the bushes, I joined the parade of people going into the school. As always, everyone was gathered in rings around the forum, Christian, Ethan, Justin, Charlie and Cameron were all there gossiping and chatting.


 Christian began to tell us about the latest Stella McCartney collection. I entered the circle, standing looking at everyone else till Justin proclaimed “Chris, shut up we don’t care and never will now please can we change the subject?” with those wise words, a rare announcement came on, telling our small school we needed to go to the main hall for a emergency talk. By this time we all knew what this was bout.


Our hall was a huge room, with white paint and dull grey carpets. I found it depressing but it done the job. Mr Woodland was the so called head teacher, he worked long hours at the school but nothing to show for it.

“Children, as you all probably no there was a traumatic fire last night. You probably have a lot of questions but we do not no much.” He sprayed large quantities of spit across the room, covering us in a fine glossy mist, my body cringed. “I am glad to tell you, nobody died only a few have been injured.” Placing his hands across his stomach a sigh fell across the room. “Now for the downside, Sunburn Hill does not have anywhere currently. They will hopefully be getting a new building, but in the mean time we may have to compensate and help out.” We all looked at each other puzzled at what we could do, “ I have decided with Mr White that we will team the schools together, we have plenty of room to spare. Don’t we? You may not like this, but you will have to put up with it for the meantime. I know there will be some friction but you will just have to ignore it and work past it”, “That is all!” A deep silence came, as I looked towards Christopher and sighed.





Harry's Point of View.

I pulled my Jack Wills hoodie covering my arms as I made my way to Rosethorn high school the pathetic excuse of a school that I will have to join until ours is built again. I trampled on the new patch of daisies on the field I was crossing. Why did this have to happen? It’s going to be nothing but hell at school. Plenty of trouble to keep us occupied in the rubbish lessons.


 I wanted everything to be the way it was I didn’t want to meet new snotty students from Rosethorn. We all know it was probably one of them who started the fire. Sun burn hill was just a heap of burned rubble. All the funny memories and memorable events were never going to be relived again. I sighed and pulled the earphone out of my ear. We were still aloud to wear our old uniform, so you could tell who was new and who you should watch out for.


I saw the school, it was bigger than ours but it looked older. Part of the roof tiles were beginning to rot away and the windows were thick with dust. Hundreds of students waited patiently outside, getting a good look at the people they will be spending the next year with. I saw my friends they all had miserable expressions plastered on their faces. I knew then that today wasn't going to be anything but trouble. They all turned and waved, bystanders stared as I struggled to get through the crowd. I passed faces I knew, who where in deep conversation with students from Rosethorn high.


My gang on the other hand where far from pleased to meet new people, most of them were nerds or the occasional attention seeker. Even having to say I'm going to this school, makes me sick. When I finally reached them Louis was already halfway into a joke, so I stood there pretending to be apart of the conversation my mind somewhere else. I was completely zoned out I didn't even hear the shouts from other students behind me. My gang was made of my best friends Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. Zayns girlfriend Alisha and her 'followers' April and tiffany, where usually welcomed into our group. Not like any of the other lads wanted them there. We had to put up with there girly stories and whining about the state of their shoes. Don't get me wrong they have attractive bodies; I wouldn't complain their all fit. But their faces slightly resemble an umpa lumpa.


 Zayn doesn't seem to care he carries on flirting and looking at himself in the mirror, making himself look perfect before he says he’s going to meet 'his ladies'. As I rumbled around my thoughts, I didn't realize what was actually going on. By now Niall's face had turned bright red Liam was shaking with anger gripping onto the nearest railing to support himself from loosing control. Louis and Zayn where shouting, sticking their fingers up at a crowd of people on the opposite end of the yard.


 The groups of students were throwing belongings off us bits of peanut butter jelly were flying out everywhere. Pencils, rulers and other sharp equipment where bouncing off our heads. I turned to see the idiots, who thought they wouldn't have their head far down the toilet in the next two hours. I didn't recognize them. Then I realized. I'd heard about them. They where the students from Rose Hill. The one's who started the fights the out bursts in lessons, the smokers and binge drinkers whenever they got a free night. A group of about four of them, laughing at us and mocking.

"HARRY" I turned to see Louis making his way towards me, dragging Zayn with him.

We walked away trying to find Liam who had to take himself away, making sure he didn't do anything stupid to get himself in trouble again. Some annoying teacher was shouting for us to get into orderly lines for an assembly. We were too late to find Liam. People where shouting and giggling walking through two small doors in the side of the building. We joined them pushing and shoving people, making our way through the congested amounts of people.


 Much to Louis's enjoyment we got through the doors and where able to breath again, laughing at the state of some students that fell to the ground by our doing. The hall was huge, there must have been about four-hundred students in here, with both schools and staff together, everyone was wondering how today will turn out. We spotted Liam at the edge of the hall looking around at the grim staff teachers who we didn't recognize. I could see in his face he was thinking about the easy targets, to lead them onto mental health problems from the stress of spending a year with us in their classes.


 "Oi Liam" I shouted. I laughed as his face expression turned into relief.

"Where the hell have you guys been?" he asked us. Not making eye contact with any of us. It was wrong. Liam shouldn't be ashamed of his anger management issues. We told him from the very start we would be there for him. I think he just didn't like the thought of us thinking he was weak because he couldn't control it.

A strong voice shouted from right behind us."Can I have all your attention please, I am Mr Woodland. I suggest you take a seat or just stand, while we explain what is going to happen for the next year".


 I heard Zayn mumble something under his breath to Niall. Mr Woodland finished off his speech about how we have to work together. Making everything sound so organized, the classes would be the same just bigger and more out of control. When he finally finished he asked students to hand out letters to everyone. The hall exploded with noise once he had left, we stood in our groups mucking about and telling stories about the weekend.


Louis was my best mate, out of the group he listened the most to what I thought, and I couldn't have a conversation with him with out bursting into unstoppable fits of laughter. He started touching my hair he knew it annoyed me after awhile. He wrapped his fingers around my curls, screaming pretending that the curly monster grabbed his hand. Niall was wetting himself laughing he tried to calm himself down.


 I felt a tap on the back of my shoulder; I turned quickly and saw her. She was wearing her uniform shirt and black skinny jeans with military boots. Her eyes were bright blue and looked as if they were looking into my soul. Her hair was different from any other girls I knew it was blonde with dark purple high lights. It looked different, pretty and beautiful.


"Letter?" she said, not wanting to make it anymore awkward because I was staring at her. I told myself to get a grip, her voice made me weak even if it was just one word. I took one not wanting to continue staring. She had a blank expression, looking around the room. I don't think she had looked at me properly at all, it was like she was ashamed of coming over to our group.


 I fiddled with the piece of paper in my hands those seconds were the slowest I have ever experienced. "Oh, well your welcome! Thanks for wasting my time, giving you a letter that you obviously don't want I could just not give you one. Then at least I could save a tree, instead of wasting it on an idiot like you!" my eyes grew wider, my mouth hung open. The lads were sniggering behind me. People where staring at my embarrassment. She was still standing in front of me her forehead was crease with anger.


"Thanks, I really appreciate all the effort it took you to give me my letter, maybe next time you could do it in a better attitude than you did this time". I smiled at her showing her my dimples, hoping that would win her over. She looked at me disbelieved that I could come up with a come back in such little time. She rolled her eyes at my efforts and turned to leave. "Sorry" I shouted at her while she was walking away. She turned her head a little just so she could meet my gaze. She smiled and then I knew that I would like it here.


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