Remember Me

Inspired by Ben Moody's 'Remember Me' and Midnight Hour's 'Running Away'.


1. Remember Me

I’m not running away, there’s just nothing left to say,

And you don’t need me anymore.

Everything is all right, you’re not to blame.

It’s no-one’s fault, there’s just nothing more for me


Don’t follow me, don’t call my name.

You won’t find me no matter how much you search,

Where I’m going you cannot follow,

So just remember me.


Memories are a window to the past

so please remember me for all that I’ve done.

I’m telling you now, I won’t be looking back

but I know that only sometimes I will think of you.


I’m sorry for leaving you alone but you can’t change my mind,

Everyone has to move on and my time has come.

We’ll meet again someday, but that’s another time.

And until that day…remember me

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