Blind Faith

Okay, so, I'm not the best of writers.
I can't write one whole Novel without re-doing it, or beginning to write another.
But I really want to get my head down, and work.

So please read and comment, and I hope you enjoy.


2. Chapter 2

I knew Mr Leighton would have something to say when I didn't hand my homework in. He grunted, and opened his mouth to speak, but Carla West cut in.

"Sir, I was wondering whether it would be okay if you gave me more homework? I know it's sounds like I'm some keeno, but, I want to prove to my mom that I'm good at something" she spoke, flicking her hair in my face.

I rolled my eyes, and let out a sigh of relief. If sir was distracted, he'd usually forget about something like the snap of your fingers. I sat down in my usual seat, beside Harvey Greyson. He gave me a smile of support, and turned back to speak with Bay.

"Now class, settle down. We have a test today, and I hope you all studied like I told you too..."

His voice drowned on for another 10 minutes before he actually gave us the tests.

Multiple choice...multiple choice...

I opened my eyes, and a test telling me to write my answer in full detail, lay in front of me.

I almost swore, but kept it to myself.

"Begin" he spoke, and I dropped my head on the desk.


I sat in the corner with Bay, Harvey and Lucas. They were all messing about with football. Me, on the other hand, sat on the brick wall with a text-book, and a pen.

"Come on, Avril, you can beat Harvey's butt any-day!"

I shook my head, biting the end of the pen. I scribbeled something else down, but Lucas was still gazing at me.

"Oh, fine. But, just for the record, I'll kick your-ass any day, Lucas".


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