Blind Faith

Okay, so, I'm not the best of writers.
I can't write one whole Novel without re-doing it, or beginning to write another.
But I really want to get my head down, and work.

So please read and comment, and I hope you enjoy.


1. Chapter 1

I gazed out of the fogged window, watching people in the street below chat in their own private way, or greet each other with a fierce looking smile. I couldn't help but think it was too crowded in Blooms Dale, with the un-friendly neighbours, or that lady who happened to 'accidently' swipe your purse when you wern't looking. My mom had told me a gazillion, or if not, a gazillion and 3 times to get out, and explore for once. But I was 14, almost 15, and I had to grow up, and do my own thing. No matter how many times I threw it out there, mom managed to catch it, and shove straight back into my face.

"Avril, you have a visitor!"

I frowned to myself, and slid off the ledge. I shut the window with one movement, and trailed down the old, wooden stairs. Mom stood at the bottom with the biggest smile I'd ever seen, holding open the front door. And it let in the most strangest smells, and the most coldest of draughts.

"Who?" I mimed, before taking a step round her.

In front of me stood Lucas, my friend since Kindergarton. He held something behind him, but I couldn't quite make out what it was.

"Uh, Luke, hey, come in" I spoke, rubbing my eyes.

He did so, and shut the door polietly behind him.

I watched my mom for a split-second, and finally, she gathered my hint, and walked off into the kitchen.

"Let's go upstairs".

He followed behind me, still holding the un-known object behind him. When I'd shut the door, he presented it in front of me.

I gasped.

It was a bunch of roses.

"Is this for..."

He nodded, and he knew I needen't say anything more.

I wanted to cry, and give him a hug, but he knew, and more importantly I knew, that I never in my life cried.

The flowers were for my sister Ally, who, unfortunatly, was hit by a car when she was almost 13.

It was her anniversary.

I reached out -minding the fresh smelling roses- and gave Lucas a hug. He managed to put one arm back around me, and then he released himself.

"So, Av, do you wanna take them to her now? Or would you prefer to go alone?"

I noticed that his voice wobbeled, and I knew if I tried to speak, tears would automatically make their way out of my eyes.

I nodded, and we left.

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