The Cracked Doll

A girl buys a doll from a charity shop. Little does she know that this will be the biggest mistake she will ever make. She reads a diary which fell out of the dolls skirt. What will happen to her?


4. The diary

19th October 1835

Dear Diary,

Last night, my doll moved! I put it down on my shelf, and in the morning it was on my chest of drawers. I asked Mother and the nanny if they had moved it, but they said that they had slept downstairs next to Isabel as she is currently having many nightmares. I am currently distraught as my closest friend was taken to hospital last night with the worst injuries to date. I am terrified as the casulties are getting closer to our house. Mother is even considering moving to a different city, as people are starting to dye from their injuries. I must go now as Father is saying that our dinner is ready,

Goodbye diary.

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