The Cracked Doll

A girl buys a doll from a charity shop. Little does she know that this will be the biggest mistake she will ever make. She reads a diary which fell out of the dolls skirt. What will happen to her?


3. The diary

18th October 1835

Dear Diary,

Today I bought an adorable little doll. She has light brown curly hair, a pink rosebud mouth, soft brown eyes and she is wearing a crisp white dress with a pink checked apron. Sadly though, another child has been taken severly ill. She has been deeply cut all over her body. My sister Isabel is devastated, as it was one of her closest friends. Mother is in there at the moment trying to comfort her. She has sent the nanny in here to watch me, she is more scared than us about this. I am also very upset as my good friend Eliza's younger sister has also been taken ill. It is very odd, as it is only in these few streets that the injuries have been happening. There have been 10 injuries over the last two weeks. Our entire street is in a state of terror. Everybody has thier windows and doors shut and locked. I must stop writing now as my candle is about to go out. I will write again tommorow,


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