The Cracked Doll

A girl buys a doll from a charity shop. Little does she know that this will be the biggest mistake she will ever make. She reads a diary which fell out of the dolls skirt. What will happen to her?


9. Postscipt

The Landlord is showing a new couple round the house.

"It's a lovely area." He says this unconvincingly.

"We'll take it," Foolish young couple. This will never be anyones house but mine. So they think there going to move in next week do they? Well I'll give them a welcoming that they will never forget.


The next week the young couple walked through the door. When they walk in written on the cold, white walls is

My name is Lucy the doll. Welcome to your doom.

The last thing they heard was a empty girlish laugh. Then they got stabbed.

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