Accusing Me!

Hope is a 12 year old Jewish girl living in Germany at the time when the Jewish were sent to concentration camps and killed. Read the life of Hope and the struggles she face through every day life.


1. Accused

Hope P.O.V

I kept walking my head held low I ignored the nasty comments and looks I was given just because I was a Jewish I found that so unfair why me. I remembered what mama had told me not to give into them, don't give up hope. That is my name I'm Hope Lewis a 12 year old girl but no one cares about me I'm just another Jew who should die.

"She stole my necklace" an woman shouted. I looked to see a woman with long curly red hair shouting. I turned around just in case it was someone else but no. I looked back at her I didn't do anything, I was accused of many things just so I could get killed.

"I didn't" I shouted.

"She did, she stole my gold necklace someone help me get it back" the red haired woman cried. A man walked up to me who I noticed was a soldier. He had dark curly hair and dark eyes, his face was pale and sickening also he wore a grey uniform.

"Is this girl bothering you" the soldier asked.

"She stole my necklace" the women shouted. Everyone walked closer and closer listening to what was happening it wasn't everyday they actually got a Jew in trouble.

"Give her necklace back" the soldier ordered.

"I haven't got it" I yelled.

"She does, check her pockets" the woman shrieked pretending to cry. The soldier put his hands in my pockets and out felt a gold necklace. The soldier picked it up and inspected it.

"Is this yours" the soldier asked showing her the necklace.

"Yes" the woman replied taking the necklace.

"What have you got to say" the soldier shouted.

"I didn't steal anything" I cried.

"Your in big trouble lady lying and stealing, off to the concentration camp with you" the soldier yelled grabbing my arm. Everyone looked shocked today they had actually gotten a Jewish who they were going to kill.

"Maybe she didn't steal" the woman muttered.

"You saw the necklace in her pockets she's a thief off to the camp brat" the soldier shouted.

"But" I pleaded.

"Nothing" the soldier remarked grabbing my arm and pulling me away I looked into the eyes of the people and knew I was never going to see them again.

Adam P.O.V

I watched the girl Hope I think she was a very pretty young girl with lovely long brown hair and emerald green eyes. I knew she had not stolen anything I bet that woman Mrs.Arch just did that so that the girl could be killed. Why did they German's hate the Jews so much? I mean what did they do wrong?. It was so unfair that girl was going to the concentration camp so she could die. I saw Mrs.Arch put the necklace in the girl's pocket when she was strolling by. Oh why hadn't I said something back then I could of saved her life.

"I hope your happy because of you that girl is going to die, I don't know you Germans hate the Jewish so much what did they do nothing I hope you all die and rot away" I yelled angrily walking away from the shocked Germans.

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