Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


11. X factor

I got into the cab reading out the address Niall sent me. I really need a new car I can't drive around in a cab all day long. I started to day dream, about flying away to L.A. and just living my life there with out any promblems - yeah right. *Beep Beep* My phone again. I took it out 1 new text message from: Maxamillion I remembered the name I used to call him when we were kids 'Maxamillion' I used to say it was because he was worth a million bucks to me! I read the text message 'Where are you now? If your out then when you're finished I want 2 pick u up. Have a special surprise Maxie x' I smiled at his new nickname 'Maxie' and replied 'K. @X factor studio' I kept my message short making sure he knew that I was still angry at him. "Miss?? Miss that will be 10 pounds please" The taxi driver said "Oh Ok Thanks!" I gave him the money and got out. In front of me stood a huge building, I went inside hoping to see Niall somewhere and saw many doors, I wasn't too sure which to take so I sent Niall a text message 'Here x'. A few seconds later he replied 'Second door to your right, We are all excited 2 see u x Niall' We? who's we? I asked myself curiously I quickly walked towards the second door than slowly opened it and saw a huge room with allot of seats and a huge stage. It was kinda dark. I could see someone rehearsing on the stage, I scanned the room for Niall and saw all the shocked faces looking up at me. "Over here Ellie" I heard a familiar Irish boy say. A smile grew on my lips as I walked down the stairs to greet him my heels clicking "Hi ya!" I said greeting everyone that was there, They all had their jaws opened except for of course Niall. "Hey Ellie I don't know if you met everyone yet. This is Rylan Clark and Jaumeane. (I don't rally know how to spell his name but yeah :) x)" He pointed to two guys a tall brown haired and a dark skinned short guy, I smiled at both of them politely "OH. MY. GOD. Yo- You're ELLIE BROWN! Oh my god I can't believe this!" Said Rylan his hands over his mouth as he stared in shock. "Huge FAN!" He said nearly yelling. Jaumeane was just smiling, I could tell straight away that he's a shy one. "So, Ellie Thanks for coming. I just thought that they would like to meet you and rub it in their faces that I know Ellie Brown!" Niall said with a grin, Jaumane let out a 'weird' but adorable laugh. I turned around to see the other boys coming to greet me Yay! I told myself sarcastically "Hey, Ellie!" Harry said giving me a kiss on the cheek "I'm glad you came!" Harry said not realizing he said a line from my brothers top hit single I laughed out loud "So am I" I said staring at Zayn and Louis "Look, Ellie I didn't mean any of those comments I was just mucking around... I deleted it and all" Zayn said staring at the ground "No need to say more your already forgiven!" I gave him a quick hug and smiled at them "So, What do you do for fun here then?" I asked them with a mischievous grin.


I ran as fast as I could Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Rylan behind me. "Over here" I said pointing to a hiding space, we all hid as the two big guys ran past us "Phew!" I said coming out "Ellie Brown you are HILARIOUS!" Rylan said as he tried to catch his breath. We were running away from the guys we pulled a prank on "Did you see his face! He was like Oh My God no you didn't!" Zayn said in a southern accent. We all fell about laughing, "You're so much fun to be with!" Niall said while they all agreed with him "We should do this again" I said with a wink. I guess it was pretty funny. We were walking back to the studio when my phone beeped "You ready to leave? Max" I read while the boys were still laughing in front of me. We met Liam inside, as I replied back I could hear them laughing while telling him the prank we just pulled. 'yeah come on on 2nd door to your right' I replied. Withing a few seconds the door opened and there was Max, Nath, Siv, Jay and Tom. There faces went from a smile to a frown when they saw me with them. I gave them a quick wave "What are you doing with THEM?" Max asked as he got closer "Whats it to you if we hang out with her or not?!" Harry said in a funny British accent "Hey, Hey guys look. We will settle this One way ... Twitter!" I said as they looked at me confused "I'll ask my 26 million followers if the prefer One direction or You." I said pointing to Max, I quickly went to Twitter and posted ' 1D or TW?' Within a few seconds my news feed started to flood "Ok, onto the stage!" I said pointing towards it. They got on my brother on the left and 1d on the right. I quickly scanned my phone "Uh huh" I said ... "and the winner is.." I turned my face "Oh my god Justin bieber!" I said pointing at a man who looked nothing like him and ran away "Shes escaping!" Louis said and could hear them running after me I quickly got onto something high "Look. No matter who wins or loses you guys have to promise me that you will never fight again!" I looked at them both "Yeah we promise!" They all said and made my way back to the stage ... "And the winner is .... One direction" I was looking at them as they stared to yell 'YEAH'. I slowly turned around to my brother and everyone, there faces were all sad and they had their hands in their pockets. Guilt slowly crept over me, I felt so sad for them I turned to face them "At least you get to take home the winning prize!" I said pointing at myself. A smile slowly grew on their faces "Does that mean we are forgiven?" Max said "How can I stay mad at you Maxamillion?" He picked me up in his arms and twirled me around  "Can we go to that sushi place I like?" I asked him as we exited the stage "Sure". I put my head on his shoulder looking back at Niall and everyone as we walked away. They all were looking at me clearly sad that they got to take me with them, I gave them a smile and turned my head to face everyone in front of me. I feel bad now leaving them like that, Maybe I should start looking for a new flat and could invite them over someday...

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