Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


15. Truly, madly, deeply



I slowly lent in our lips were nearly touching I could see her lips curl into a slight smile,  but before I could kiss her she got up.

"I'm sorry Niall I just ... can't"  I couldn't understand why she wouldn't kiss me. Didn't she like me?

"What wrong Ellie?" I grabbed her arms worried about what she would say next, why she 'didn't feel the same'

"I-I cant" She ran out the back door. I stopped for a second unsure whether to follow her or not when I realized it was pouring outside. I quickly grabbed my coat and ran after her, "Ellie!" I yelled telling her to stop before she could enter the forest that was right behind my house. "Please!" It was pouring so hard and all I could think about was her falling and hitting her head on something. I could see her running when she stopped just before the trees began. When I finally got to her, her eyes were all red a puffed. "Im so sorry Niall. I can't do this, I thought I could but I cant" The rain was pouring down our faces, her hair all wet. "What is it Ellie? Is it because I'm not as hot as all the other guys you date huh?"

"No.." She said staring at the wet dirt. I took a step closer to her "Than what is it Ellie?"

"I'm just to scared you'll hurt me again Niall like every other guy has done before" my heart melted at the thought that she thinks I'll hurt her. I took my coat and held it above our heads to protect us from the rain. I faces nearly touching. then took her hand, so soft, so beautiful. "I will never hurt you Elizabeth Brown"

Ellie's P.O.V

I couldn’t help feeling my heart beat fast when he first took my hand in the rain. I felt so protective and secure, when he leaned down to my ear and told me he would never hurt me, I believed every single word The sound of my heart pounding inside my chest, to hide the fact that I was falling head over heals for this guy. He was my salt, and I was his pepper. We made the perfect couple.
He looked into my eyes, our heads were the same level. His eyes were the colour of a fresh moist grass. From the pressure of his hands, I could tell he was as nervous as I was. Especially when he leaned in, so close I knew I would never forget this moment.
His lips reached my jaw, they were so warm against my skin as they reminded my of soft, little fluffy pillows. I couldn’t stop my heart from pounding in my chest. My blood flowed rapidly in my cheeks, making my face as red as ever.  He put His hand down at my waist while pulling me closer to his chest as he leaned in one last time and kissed me. This kiss was amazing, I have to admit I kissed allot of guys before but Niall's kiss seemed so special. As we pulled away I could see his cheeks were bright red as were mines "Now do you believe me?" He asked me holding my chin up while covering us from the rain with his coat. "Yes" I said and kissed him again. This time the kiss was much sweeter my knees felt week as he touched my hands. "Let's go back in" He said as he took my hand and lead me inside.

Niall didn't let go of my hand even though we were inside until he went up to the door a locked it. I just stood there unsure what he was about to do as he turned around he took my hand and lead me up stairs. A burst of excitement swept through me, I knew what he was planning on doing. I played along and went into his bedroom he closed the door behind him and smiled. I brushed the lock of hair out of my face and looked up at him. He had a smirk on his face, but not the evil kind. The kind when your excited and came over to me and stroked my cheek then kissed my lips. I was cut off as he slowly started to move his lips on me. our lips moved in time with each other Niall raised his hands up to my hair and tangled his fingers in it.

His other hand  pulled up to my face and cupped my cheek in his hand. I raised up his shirt and slowly started to feel Niall's body. I moved from his lips to his neck thrusting me onto his thighs. he placed his hands on my lower back slipping one hand down the back of my jeans. I was in a total daze I never felt this way before all I cared about was how good it felt kissing Niall.
"I - Love - You" Panted Niall through the hard kissing and touching. That did it for me I peeled off my t-shirt and pressed my chest against his, slowly running my hand over his crotch. Niall started kissing my jaw line, he was leaning over me as he did so. He moved from my throat, down to my collar, then kissing my breasts. He touched my body so gently and passionately and I smiled when Niall gently kissed my stomach, He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off, then off came his t-shirt. I sat up and unbuckled Niall’s belt with one hand using the other to run my fingers over his stomach I leaned up and kissed Niall roughly I felt goosebumps all over my body and could barely breathe. He made it hard for me to move or breathe, My heart started pounding and I started breathing hard, nervous. He pinned me down and took off the rest of my clothes.
I knew that I've done this before but this time it was different. I felt like the world disappeared around us.
I kept breathing hard as he entered in me I moaned and smiled…


Niall's P.O.V

After what seemed hours of non-stop heaven we finally stopped and Ellie feel asleep on my chest. He hair tangled down my stomach, she was magnificently beautiful everything from her eyes to her toes. and I do mean it when I said I loved her I really did. I've been in love with her ever since she released her first single but I was too shy to tell it in interviews encase I really did meet her. I just thought how lucky I was, how did I land such a beautiful person? Why would she fall for me after all people. I fell asleep thinking about it ... about us.

"No Ellie don't leave" Her back was faced towards the door as she held her suitcase in her hands "You promised you wouldn't hurt me Niall. I can't stand the hate from you fans it's getting to much" Ellie turned around staring at the ground "Bye Niall" and left towards the opened doors. I wasn't familiar with my surroundings I didn't know where I was but it felt like I've been here before "Please Ellie I love you!" I said running out the door into the darkness towards her I kept on running, I couldn't see anything but I didn't care all I wanted was Ellie. "Ellie!" I yelled "Ellie!"

My eyes shot open before I could find her. I was breathing short, heavy breaths. Sweat beads ran down my face and my hands. I looked around the room, wide eyed, making sure I was back home with Ellie next to me. Thank god it was just a dream. I turned to face the Princess that was sleeping next to me with a smile. She was fast asleep her delicate eyes shut tight, her hands resting on my chest and she had a slight smile on her face. I got up slowly and looked up at the time 7:19, I was up early. I sat down on my bed next to her thinking again. What if she dosn't feel the same way as I do for her? I grabbed my boxers and  slowly crept downstairs and went into the cupboard. I was craving Ellie's pancakes but I wasn't going to wake sleeping beauty up at 7 am to make me pancakes. I guess I've gotta make do with what I have. I scratched the back of my head as I stared into the cupboard ... Nothing. I was meant to do the shopping but got caught up in everything. The only edible thing was a granola bar at the back, then I remembered I had the day off today so maybe we could go out for breakfast and just snack on the granola bar. I then made some coffee I wasn't too sure how he liked it so I just made it the same way as mine.

Once I've finished everything I starred up at the time, 7:34. Great too early to wake Ellie up, I sat down on the sofa next to my guitar and stroked it remembering how I got it. I picked it up and started to play a tune I wrote. "da da darum" I sang, Before I realized the lyrics of the song just flew out of my mouth.


The song was finished quite quickly to be honest. I looked up at the clock 9:23. Maybe I should wake up Ellie now? I got up and bought my guitar up with me as I made my way to heat up the coffee and brought it up with me. I slowly crept open the door to see my princess at the edge of the bed half awake. "Ellie?" I asked seeing if she was awake "Hmm?"

"You awake?" She sat up and looked at me with her sleepy eyes "I am now!" she said smiling.

Ellie's P.O.V

I heard Niall playing a song down stairs which sounded amazing. He was holding a tray with coffee and a granola bar on it. "I'm starving" I said pointing at the food on the tray.

"So, Niall" I said through mouthfuls of food to the handsome boy who sat next to me on the bed "What were you playing downstairs?"


"C'mon let me listen, I promise i'll like it!"

"No, It's not that good!" I looked at him and gave him my puppy dog face that usually worked with everyone.

"Pwetty pwease?" I asked

"How can I refuse a face like that?" He took his guitar and started to play

"Am I asleep, am I awake, or somewhere in between?
I can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me
Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined?
Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine?

Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss
And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this,
I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl
And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world

Truly, madly, deeply, I am
Foolishly, completely falling
And somehow you kicked all my walls in
So baby, say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you
In love with you

Should I put coffee and granola on a tray in bed
And wake you up with all the words that I still haven’t said?
And tender touches, just to show you how I feel
Or should I act all cool, like it was no big deal?

Wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this
I’ll put this day back on replay and keep reliving it
‘Cause here’s the tragic truth if you don’t feel the same
My heart would fall apart if someone said your name

Truly, madly, deeply, I am
Foolishly, completely falling
And somehow you kicked all my walls in
So baby, say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you

I hope I’m not a casualty,
Hope you won’t get up and leave
Might not mean that much to you
But to me it’s everything, everything

Truly, madly, deeply, I am
Foolishly, completely falling
And somehow you kicked all my walls in
So baby, say you’ll always keep me
Truly, madly, crazy deeply in love (in love) with you (with you),
In love (in love) with you (with you)
In love (in love) with you (with you)
With you, oh!"

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