Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


16. They don't know about us

Ellie's P.O.V

Tears started to form in my eyes as he sang that song. I just stared at him playing with his strings when he finished.

"Nial... That was an amazing song! Did you write it for me?" He nodded shyly  "You're a great song writer Niall really you are."

I got up and kissed him on the cheek, How can this lovely, funny and talented boy just be hidden in the dark behind everyone else? I got up with the sheet wrapped around me, I wasn't too comfortable letting him see my body.

"Why are you covering up for? It's not like i didn't see anything last night!" He said getting up from the bed

" I just ... Don't like my figure that much"  Niall turned me towards him looking me the eye. I couldn't help but stare at those beautiful green eyes "Ellie, YOU are beautiful, Trust me. I've never seen anyone as beautiful a you are. Your amazing just the way you are" He stopped realizing he said the lyrics to me EX boyfriend song he wrote for me. "Oh, Sorry Ellie I.. I mean..." I stopped him and kissed him passionately, Oh how I love this guy. 

After I got into the shower Niall lent me his top and I put my jeans back on."Niall?" I asked him "Hmm?" "Can we talk?" I said  sitting back down on the bed "Yeah?" He said sitting next to me "Well, Umm you know about us and everything ... are we together or should we just not tell anyone?" I wasn't sure if I wanted to hear the reply "Ellie, OF COURSE we are together... I dont care what people think" He lent in for a kiss when the door opened quickly.


I looked up seeing Niall's manager staring at us in shock. "Oh..." she said walking in and closing the door behind us. "Oh...No" We looked at her in confusion "What's wrong?" Niall asked "This is not good..." we didn't say a word "No, No No. This can't happen! YOU guys CAN NOT date each other!" "Why?" Asked Niall "First of all, Your fans Niall, will never agree to this! and second of all you have tours and stuff coming up! Just no." "What?" I said in shock "I was hoping this wouldn't happen, look you guys are young. You don't know about love and forever I think it would be best if you don't tell anyone about you two it will just ruin your careers. Look at Taylor Swift now.. Everyone hates her." Niall just sat there without saying a word "But..." I said trying to think of something .. anything. "Just don't tell anyone and see if you guys feel the same in a few weeks O.k??" We both nodded and she left the room. I looked at Niall "Uh-Oh" "Uh-Oh is right" he said and we both burst into laughter. "Oh Ellie. Umm you do realize you're going on tour with One direction" WHAT! "Yeah, Thats why I came up here it's all agreed on, come down stairs and I'll explain everything"



I went downstairs to see everyone in the living room. "Ellie" Harry said standing up. Everyone stared at him "Umm I mean  hey..." he said sitting back down embarrassed "Hi, Ya'll. How you doing?"  "Good, You're phone has been ringing like crazy El" Louis said getting up and handing me my phone that sat on the table "Oh thanks" I sat down and read all my messages.

"From: Taylor S. - Heyy Ells Where have u been. Haven t seen u in ages. Call me hun x"  I haven't seen Taylor (Swift) in ages. Since shes my bff. Oh no wait what is she going to say when she finds out I've moved in with her ex boyfriends bandmate! oh crap. I decided to reply "Hey Tay Tay! Been busy.... Have loads to tell you ... prob to early to call you now in l.a. call me whn ur up x"  

Ok 1 message down 4 to go. "Ok Ellie.." The boys manager said sitting down and crossing her legs. "We've talked it over with Em and everything is settled, You're going to tour the 'EUROPEAN tour' with One direction. Since you're going on tour the same time it would be easier" I nodded and stared at the grinning faces of the boys "Okey dokey, thats all for now I have to run ... coming boys?"  As I got ready to read the next one they boys got up "We've gotta do some rehearsals but you can rehearse in a few hours we will text you the details Ellie" They said their goodbyes and I got on to reading the next message.

"From: Max - Ellie. I cant even describe how angry I am with you right now. Please just call me Max" Oh double crap

"From Max - Ellie Call me."

"From: Max - Elizabeth call me right away" Can life get any worst?

"From:Peter - Hey Ellie. I'm leaving for L.A in 2 weeks when can we meet up?"  Spoke too soon then, It just got worst.

I don't know where to start, I called my brother and decided to give his mind a rest "Hey Max" ... "Oh ellie thank god you called i've been worried sick and.." I held the phone away from my ears I didn't want anyone to scream at me now. "Done?" I finally asked "Yes, Im so sorry Ellie. Look I know you're doing this to find yourself and everything but wont it be better to get your own apartment?" ... "Maybe" I said thinking about it. 

After a long conversation with my brother about apartments,Food and gorillas (Don't ask) I finally hang up. I just stared at the fireplaces at the pictures of Niall and his friends and family. How happy they all look, the only real family I have is my brother. Everyone else is too busy to deal with my so called problems. I guess hes right after all maybe I should take things slow with Niall, after all I just got out of a relationship and got kidnapped. Right away memories of me and Brad came to my mind, how he used to tell me he loved me and told me hed never hurt me, that was all lies. What am I going to do now with his threats!


I wanted to go house haunting one last time. So I grabbed my coat and destiny led the way, after a few phone calls I ended up in the center of London outside these beautiful apartments and a weird looking estate agent. "Here we are, now these apartments have thier own rooftop swimming pool/gym, a door man and an elevator - so you don't have to walk up a flight of stairs" I followed her into the apartment. It was a beautiful simple apartment just what I was looking for. 

After the tour I seemed satisfied but not sure "Give me a call when you make up your mind" and in a blink of an eye she was gone. I was left alone outside the apartment I slowly walked down the corridor towards the elevator humming my favorite song "Im giving you all my love" Sang a voice behind me I quickly spun around. "Ellie?" The person who stood there, the one person I used to love and thought I'd never see again. I smile grew on my lips "Adam?!" I ran for a hug "How long has it been?" ..."Years" he said who would have ever taught I would end up in London with my High school lover, life hates me.                                                               

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