Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


1. The dream

It was dark and all I could see was a figure a tall,dark,handsome man waiting for me. I couldn't see his face because it was all black. He looked very familiar ... wait is that Peter? My ex boyfriend? "Peter? Peter?" I Yelled

"I love you" I could see his face now he had such an angry expression like he was going to hurt me.

"What have I done wrong Peter?" I yelled as he was getting closer "Please forgive me!" I was getting really scared "Please?" I begged. As he got closer he held up both of his arms. For a second, I taught he was going to hug me until I saw him reach for my neck "Peter?" I said. Before I knew it he was strangling me as I gasped for air I could hear chanting.

'Ellie, Ellie, Ellie.' I woke up trying to catch my breath. It was my fans what a relief!  It was all just a dream ... Just a dream. I looked around my hotel room which was really big for just one person. I hate big rooms when I'm alone it just seems so empty. 'We love you Ellie' I heard my fans scream I smiled, where would I be without them?  I wanted to say hello to them so I put my hair in a pony tail quickly and went out to my balcony.

' ELLIE!' I heard them scream they were all cheering. I waved and then blew some kisses, It was amazing how they couldn't hear me but I could hear them I blew one last kiss and then went back into my hotel room. The only thing that was on my mind was the dream.




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