Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


7. Sony Studios

"We are home!" Yelled Nath as he barged into the house. "Ellie, Your manager em has been trying to contact you ... She seems angry" Max said watching his football match "Great.." I mumbled to myself. I went upstairs and unpacked the clothes I got from the mall, Better call her the voice said in my head.

*Ring Ring* My phone was buzzing in my bag. I quickly threw everything on my bed and ran for it "Hello?" I said nearly out of breath "Yeah Elles I've been trying to call you like crazy!" Here she goes again I held my phone away from my ears and could still here her screaming "Done?" I asked her rolling my eyes "Yes, and don't you roll your eyes up Elles!" It's like she could see my right now. "So, Whats up?" I asked her hoping she would give me a few days off for being 'jet lagged' "I'm at sony studios right now, Get in a cab and come here Ok?" Beeeeeeeeeep, She hung up. I lay on my bed wondering if I made a mistake coming to england. "Son Of a..." I could hear Max screaming. I ran downstairs to find him and Tom typing away on their phones "Everything O.k?" I asked them. "No, You know that band One Direction?" He said not looking up from his screen "They are like causing a twitter war with us" Tom said. "Max, don't go down to their level ok? Don't  reply to their tweets!" I said, It was like I was their mother "Too late. Right heres what happened. I uploaded a pic of me and you. Zayn- He's from one direction, Called me a geek. I said a few things then Louis got involved then tom here" He nudged tom "Listen don't get invo-" Before I could finish Tom inturputed me and said "They called you FAT" Fat?! I looked confused, "Fat?!" They both looked up at me "Are you SURE!" I asked them sitting next to max "Why don't you hide behind your sister, You can easily fit behind her." Max read out loud. My mouth dropped "Bastards!" I said yelling "Oh my god... It's on!" I was so angry. Why the hell would they call me FAT I'm not fat! "I have to leave, I'm meeting Em." I grabbed my coat and left If i see them ... I don't know what I would do!  I told myself as I got into a cab. "Sony. Studios please!" I told the driver.


A while later I arrived at the studio. I was around the comer when I could see flashing lights. Paparazzi ... Great what are they doing here! I got out and the all huddled around me flashing their cameras, I was greeted by Em and lead inside "You ok?" Em asked. Clearly she could see I was mad "Yeah ... Just one of those days" She nodded and we went up the elevator to the 3rd floor. "Now, Elles I have a surprise for you!" she said with a big smile on her face. "Through here!" I followed her confused. Not expecting what was going to happen next. I went into a office where 5 boys were staring at me "This is One Direction Elles!" Em said pointing to them "Hi!" They all said at once. Freaking me out, I took a step back, fat the voice in my head said. I crossed my arms and looked at them, they got up "This is Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall.." Niall "And Zayn" I frowned at him and put on a fake smile. "Oh, I have to go I'll be back in 5 min ... You guys, Talk!" Em said shoving me closer to them. "Well Hello!" I said sarcastically "Hey Niall" I said waving at him "Oh my gosh you weren't lying you really did meet her!" Said the tall  brown haired, striped t shirt guy. I knew from the start that I wouldn't like him "You ok?" said the curly haired with green eyes one coming up closer to me "Never been better" I said taking out my phone from my pocket. "We are big fans of yo-" I stopped him "Yeah what ever. Your also are big fans of my FAT ass eh?" I was getting angry "Oh shit you saw it didn't you?" the olive skinned brown eyes guy asked me blushing. I guess the other guys didn't know because they all looked confused at what I just said "Yes I did. Look here ... Zayn, I'm warning you from now don't get me involved in your little 'Fight' with my brother OK?" I was pointing my finger at him "Look, Ellie I didn't mean it that way ok? I just meant that he was skinny enough to hide behind YOU." He was trying to defend himself when I saw the other boys jaw drop. "You did call her fat!" Niall said his green eyes wide open "Ohhhh" I heard the boy with a shaved head say. "I'm sorry ..." Before he could continue A few girls came in the room whispering "Oh my god its ellie brown!" I dark haired girl say "Hey babe." Louis said kissing her on the cheek. I dark skinned girl went up to kiss Liam on his lips and a blond one did the same with Zayn. "We are huge fans!" Said the blond one. "I'm Perrie, And that's Eleanor and Danielle. We're Their girlfriends and i'm also in a band" she said with a friendly smile on her face "Hey.." I said turning around "Oh. Your my back up dancer aren't you?" I asked Danielle "Yes ..." She said worryingly "Interesting ... Very Interesting." I said turning around and looking at Zayn and Liam. I saw that they were shocked "Ell.." I interrupted Liam "Bye!" I said and left. I turned around and saw them talking to each other. when Niall ran up to me while i pressed the elevator button "You wouldn't do that right?" He asked me "Do what?" I said waiting for the lift. "Fire Danielle because she's Liam's Girlfriend?" He asked me hoping that I wouldn't do it "I was just teasing Niall. Don't worry I'm not like that" I turned to face him and saw a sign of relief "So...Remember when we met at the mall?" Great I know where this is going. "Yes...." Where the hell is the lift! "Remember you sang if we ever meet again? Well we met again and umm It's lunch time..." he said hinting that he wanted me to come with him "Me and Harry were going to this cool sushi restaurant..." He was hoping that I would catch on "Yeah..." I was teasing him-again "And umm... it's really nice..." I could tell that he was too shy to ask me out "Ok.. I'll come" I said rolling my eyes Boys.. "Great! Harry!!" Niall yelled. within a few secound Harry came running towards us "she said yes!" I couldn't stop smiling "Great!" he said looking at me staright in the eye. As soon as he was next to me the elevator doors opened. Great timing.


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