Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


6. Shopping Trip

I opened my eyes to see the sun streaming through my window. For a second I forgot where I was until I could hear Max and his band mates mumbling outside my door. I was trying to remember what I was dreaming about, it was a nice dream, something about sitting in a big oak tree in meadow full of flowers but the details are fading fast even as I try to remember them. Today is a new day ... I thought to myself, I heard the door slowly creep open and quickly shut my eyes pretending that I was asleep "Ellie ... Elliekins it's me Max!" I could feel him slowly sit down at the edge of my bed "Wakey Wakey sleepy head!" He said gently nudging me to get up. I wondered what time it was and how long I was actually sleeping for "Time?" I asked him in a sleepy voice "Half past Ten!" He said jumping on my bed "What?" I couldn't really get the English and how they talked. "Oh, 10:30" He said laughing "Come on up" he got up and grabbed my arms helping me up "But my bed is so warm!" I said complaining. It was cold, I guess it wasn't a good idea to wear pajama shorts and a t shirt to bed after all, I'm still trying to adjust to the weather here "You'll get used to it El." Max said "Go on get ready and come down we have a big day today" He said with a grin.


After I took a quick shower and did my hair and all then decided to wear my favorite jeans and a black sparkly Panel Top. This is what I have to make do with I told myself walking down the stairs. I'm usually known for being 'colorful' and wearing bright colors but I didn't bother today.

"There she is!" Max said turning around "Hungry?" He asked me. I nodded and went to greet the two boys I haven't seen yet "This is Siv" Nath pointed to a tall brown skinned, black haired man "Hello" he said in a wierd accent "He's Irish" said Tom putting his arms around his shoulders "And thats Jay-Bird" Nath said turning around to a brown-orange haired blue eyed guy. "Hello" He said with a Grin "You can call me Jay" I smiled and give him an understanding nod "Ok" I was looking at max pouring me a bowl of cereal "I know this is your favorite" As he poured the milk into the cereal I could see the boys joking around and laughing "We all are HUGE fans of your singing Ellie, Your a big hit here in england!" Nath said with a big grin "He has your posters on his wall upstairs, and looks at them at night ... Alone." Joked Tom "Shut up! It's not true Ellie" said Nath  "I know, but yeah ... I'm not as popular in America right now" I said with a sign

"Don't worry I hardly recognized you when you came down the stairs.... Without all that make up and your 'wigs'" he said smiling "I know Everyone says that! I really want to go shopping before my manager Em calls me and makes me do a ton of work!" I sat down with my bowl of cereal "Sure Nath can take you" Max said, I gave him a big smile and continued to eat my cereal while they mucked about. Its going to be hard living with Kangaroos I joked to myself.


A few hours later we arrived at a huge mall." It's not that I like shopping, just that I need to buy a few things for my girl!" Nath said walking next to me as we went into the mall "Yeah I understand ... Us girls need a lot of things!" I didn't put as much make up on as I always do and tied my hair in a pony tail so no one really recognized me. Back in L.A. I would get away most of the time without screaming fans chasing me. We walked into a shop called Debenhams and went straight for the Women section, I saw a few people glaring at Nath and me but most teenagers are at school now and the moms are too shy to come up to us. "Wow, British clothes aren't too bad" I told Nath as we scanned the clothes line "Yeah, This is my Girlfriends favorite shop to shop in ... I have no Idea what to get her" He said looking puzzled at the clothes "Maybe I can help what size is she?" I asked picking up a blue dress and putting it in my trollie bag "10 I think" he said picking an ugly top and showing it to me "You boys are such airheads at shopping!" I saw his confused look and rolled my eyes "It means stupid, That dress is all wet man" I said laughing "It isn't wet" He said feeling the clothes "No, it means 'wrong'" we were laughing so hard now. After a while Nath went over to the shoe isle "I'll try and get some shoes for her" and turned towards the shoe isle.

I scanned the shop looking for any interesting clothes when I saw the words 'Designer' and went towards the big shiny sign, I was looking for anything bright and sparkly when I saw the perfect dress. Reaching out to grab it, I touched someones hand for a second. I didn't know who it was but for those few seconds my heart stopped and my body went all warm. He pulled away quickly "Oh, I'm so sorry!" he said blushing "It's okay. You can have it I don't really like it" I lied. I really wanted the dress but I wasn't going to give the paparazzi what they wanted 'Ellie Brown fights poor innocent guy over dress' Yeah right... I looked up at him, he had these beautiful green eyes and his blond hair had some brown strikes on it.  "Are you sure it would look lovely on you" he said it in the same accent as Siv. He's Irish. "No it's o.k" I said looking at the rack of clothes "American eh? Do I know you form somewhere, You look familiar?" He asked me look at me directly in the eyes "I'm Niall, Niall Horan and you are?" I didn't want to tell him my name encase he called the paps and told them I was here. He seemed familiar but I don't know where I've seen him "Im ... Ellie Brown" I said hesitating for a second "Oh. My. God" His eyes sparkled as he said my name "I'm a huge fan ... You might know me ... I'm in a band called one direction." He looked like he wanted to give me a hug so I stepped back for a minute pretending to look at some clothes "Wow, I know you now!" I gave him a friendly smile just as I was going to turn away he said "I'm not really fan-boying you now it's just you inspired me to join this band ..." he looked abit embarrassed after saying it "That's sweet" I said giving him a grin "Umm... would you like to grab a bite I know it seems weird but it would mean allot" I didn't really want to go and 'grab a bite' because ... well I don't really know him. I've heard of his band but that doesn't prove anything "Let me make you a deal .." I said walking away "If we ever meet again, I wont let you get away" I sang and he started to laugh. 'If we ever meet again' is one of my most popular songs like ever. So I think he got it, I was sure at that time that I wouldn't meet him again, So it would properly make his day or something. As I walked away I turned around to Niall who was half way across the shop and sang 'Ill never be the same if we ever meet again!'.

I went over to Nath "I found the perfect dress" Nath said running up to me, It was a pink dress "Wow, that's nice!" I could tell that he was very pleased with himself for finding it "Were you singing before?" he asked me "No, must be the radio" I lied -again. "Lets blow this popstand" I said pointing to the door. "What?" He asked me in his cute british accent "Lets Leave" I said with a smile on my face "British" I said rolling my eyes.

After we were done shopping I didn't say anything else to Nath about Niall. I taught it was best not to say anything, "Had fun?" Nath asked as we were driving home "The time of my life" I said resting my head on the window watching it rain "Rain, Rain go away" I sang remembering the times when me and max were little. If only we could go back.

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