Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


2. Not Now

*Flash Back*

I walked in through these big doors, I felt sick this was my first big gig and I heard about 3,000 people are coming. I'm so nervous as I looked around the big arena I couldn't help but see this cute boy staring at me. He had this look in his eyes when he first saw me like ... Like he saw an angel. I gave him a quick smile and started to rehearse "Spread my wings and make me fly" I sang. Breathe Ellie Breathe I told myself. As I got off the stage I felt someones hand on m shoulders "You sing like an angel" It was the guy that was staring at me.

"Thanks" I replied with a smile he seems really cute! "I'm Peter but you may know me as Brad Venus" I saw him looking at me with his big brown eyes "Yeah I know you I'm Elizabeth but you can call me Ellie, everyone does!" I gave him a smile, I can't believe I'm talking to BRAD VENUS! I don'twant to start fan girling him right there "Would you like to go out sometime? Maybe a movie and a dinner?" He said, Dont freak out Ellie keep it cool  but why would Brad Venus want to go on a date with me? Who Cares! I told myself "I would love to"

  I couldn't help but fall for him I should have walked away I should have said no.

"Elles, Elles!" I heard my manager yell

"Hurry up!" she said nearly breaking the door. "Yeah I'll be out in a few mins Em"  Em is my manager she's really nice deep down but you don't want to make her angry. She's like a big sister to me I don't know where I'd be without her, I don't know where I'd be without anyone these days Im just so helpless.

I got out of the shower and went to the steamy mirror I was starring at a blurry brown haired, Green eyed person. I drew a smiley face on the mirror and signed. Why is everything going wrong? I applied my make up which isn't much now I had to cut down quite a lot because I was told I looked too 'sluty' on, why are people so cruel. I remember the first time I went on it. I cried in my bedroom with a tub of ben and jerrys and wouldn't come out for days. When I came out of the shower Em was watching T.V and screaming down the phone, she looked so angry I didn't want to get into her way so I sat on my bed and watched the T.V.

"Today on Gossip T.V we talk with the one and only Brad Venus." I rolled my eyes ... Great. "We have an exclusive interview with him check this out ... " I just stared at the T.V. there he was "Hello Brad" The interviewer said "Hi babe" Babe? He never really says that.

"Now Brad we want to clear something's up ... Is it true you've broken up with your girlfriend Ellie Brown?" He stopped for a second and replied "Yes its true. We have broken up and I know everyone thinks that it's Ellie's fault but its not" Ellie's fault?! What the heck it was his fault he's the one that broke up with me after the ... I felt tears stream down my face "Brad.." The interviewer continued "What do you think of the hate website that someone created? It has over 4,000 liked" she said looking at a piece of paper "I think its very cruel. I've been on it once and the things people were saying were just unbelievable! Like she was 'fake' and couldn't sing. I also read that she was a 'diva' I have no idea were that came from and its all a lie."  I couldn't believe that he was defending me. I switched the channel after it was over, that was a mistake "Breaking news Ellie and Brad have finally broken up, Rumor has it she nearly killed him because she thought he cheated on her ... Brad isn't going to press any charges"

What! I switched the T.V off and checked my phone I had 15 new text messages " Bitch, Your such a slag for nearly killing Brad you should die" It was from my friend Amy we've been friends for a while why is she sending me that? then I read the next message " You skank were not friends any more ... Lucy" what Lucy has been my friend since forever what's happening? Before I could read anymore Em snatched the phone off me " What's happening Em?" I said "I don't know Elles everyone is saying you nearly killed Peter." She said "But .. But I didn't! Its all just a lie he .. He" I was in so much shock "I think it's just a nasty rumor someone started Ill deal with it Elles just get ready to leave" she said. This can't be happening to me ... Not now, I wanted someone to talk to so I called my best friend Cat "Hello?" she answered "Cat!" I said bursting into tears "Do you hate me to?!" there was a small pause before she answered "Why the fuck would I hate my best friend?" She said nearly yelling down the phone. "Oh Cat! You won't beleive the things that thier saying about me!" I said wiping away my tears "Let's meet up at the mall we can shop it out Ellie" Cat said "Sure.."




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