Thinking Of You 15+

Meet Kathrine Elizabeth Brown. A 18 year old Pop star, When she goes through a horrible break up with her ex-boy friend will she have the courage to continue on even though she's getting hate from the public? All of a sudden she decides to go to London and meet her brother. Follow Katy along her trip of fame, hate and love. A 1D fanfic Contains some sexual references!


12. Move In with me?

"You busy now?" I asked Max finishing my last California roll. I love this place, It's one of my all time favorite restaurant back in L.A. when I heard that they opened it here I just HAD to come! "Yeah, Got a few signings and stuff. Why don't you go shopping? I know you love it!" Max said grinning up at me "Yeah, I guess so!" I quickly got up and paid the bill when Max went to the toilet. He never lets me pay for anything, I went outside to wait for him. It was freezing but there's something about this city that makes me want to stay out all night no matter how cold it really is "So, Ellie remember I said I got you a surprise?" Max said coming up behind me, I jumped a little bit but then smiled "Yeah..." I hope it's not something stupid, Max is known for giving 'funny' gifts if you know what I mean. Last Christmas he told me "Ellie, Guess what I got you! You see that Ferrari outside...?" I remember my mouth dropped open "Yeah, I got you a Sweater that exact same color" I got mad at him but then forgave him quickly I'm always like that "Well I'll meet you back home at lets say 7-ish" He gave me a peck on the check and said his good byes. Great, What do I do until 7?. After going around a few shops and being chased by some fans I finally found Starbucks and ordered some hot chocolate since it was beyond freezing out side I sat down when My phone started to ring Nialler I read and quickly answered it "Hello? I could hear someone talking in the background "Hey! Ellie, You busy?" "Naa, Got nothing to do. Why?" I asked him as I took a sip of my hot chocolate "Umm, I wanted to know if you'd like to come over to mine? I was going to meet some people there so I thought you would properly like to come? See my friends a big fan and-" I stopped him "No problem Just text me your address and I'll be there soon" I quickly said good bye and hung up. I hope I didn't sound too eager.


I finished my hot chocolate and got into a cab. 5 min later I was in front of a big house 367 Yeah this is it I told myself getting out of the cab and brushing the creases out of my clothes walking up the drive way... I took a deep breath and rang the door bell, A friendly face opened the door. "Hey!" Niall greeted me with a big bear hug "I'm so happy you came, I got a few mates here that would love to meet you!" Niall said letting me in. The house was pretty big, Too big to be living in it alone. I went in the living room smiling at the people that were in it. They all looked at me in shock as Niall came up behind me "This is Ellie Brown!" Niall said telling me to take a seat. I sat down next to a beautiful brown haired green eyed girl and greeted her warmly "That's Amy, And that's David my best friend" I greeted the dark haired boy who sat next to her with a wave "This is Greg my older brother and that's Katy" He pointed at a blue eyed blond hair girl siting beside his brother Greg "Hello" They all greeted "Wow, I thought you were just joking when you said you knew Ellie Brown" His brother said in a heavy Irish accent.

 After about and hour Greg and Katy left I'm guessing they were dating because she kept on giving him a few kisses and whispering in his ears "...And Rhianna was like Oh My Gawd" I said laughing while everyone joined in "I can't believe you know Rhianna!" Amy said "You're life must be perfect!" No it's not! "Yeah... Sometimes!". After a while I could see how Amy and Niall got along with each other. I didn't realize it before but now I do, She would sit next to him and whisper a few things while I talked to David. I could also see in his eyes that David didn't like it, Maybe Niall liked Amy and David also liked her too? Straight away I felt like my heart had been stabbed when Amy put her hands on Niall's thighs. I don't know why but as soon as he saw me looking he removed it. "Oh, 5pm I gotta go! You coming Amy?" David asked as he got up and put his jacket on. She got up and kissed niall on his cheek straight away I felt envious of her. After they left Niall and I started to talk, I know now that we've got allot in common, To bad he's taken. *Knock Knock* I heard the door knock and Niall got up straight away. I  heard lauging and "No she isnt!" ... "Go look for yourself" Niall said. A few seconds later a familiar face popped around the corner, "Hey Harry!" I said getting up and kissing him in the cheek. I did the same with the other boys, "You guys alright?" I asked sitting back down "Yeah, exhausted but Alright." Louis said while Harry sat next to me. "It's bloody cold out there!" I heard Zayn say staring out of the window through the red curtains "Miss the sun?" Liam asked me "Yeah! I'm a California gurl I'm not used to the cold!" we cracked up laughing at my remark to my song 'California gurls' They started talking about the prank we pulled earlier at X factor.


We were roaring with laughter as we talked. I kept on sneaking a few jokes, I have to admit I am kinda funny ... I learn from the best (My Brother). I began to remember the appointment I made with the real estate to find me a flat at 6pm "Oh my gosh I forgot I got a appointment with a real estate" I said quickly getting up and checking  my phone for any new text messages "Oh, You're moving? Where?" Niall asked me getting up too "I don't know yet. Somewhere in London, I can't stay at my brothers forever!" I said smiling. Straight away Harry shot up from the sofa "Why don't you move in with Niall? He's got 3 extra bedrooms and doesn't use them at all!" He said, happy that he taught of it first "No, I couldn't Niall doesn't want a girl running around all over the house!" I said "No, Ofcorse I do ... I mean Your more than Welcome!" He said quickly, they boys started to insist I move in with him. "Come on Ellie!" Louis said "Please!!" Harry begged "Orite! But I'm paying rent!" I said smiling "I guess we can agree to that than ... So Your going to move in with me than?" I burst of excitement lept through me as I nodded.

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